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"God turned out to be a bunch of bad little kids playing Interstellar Xbox. Isn't that funny?"
―Stephen King

The Dome over Chester's Mill

The Leatherheads in Stephen King's Under the Dome (2009) are a group of interdimensional extraterrestrials who have materialized a gigantic dome over the small town of Chester's Mill, Maine.

Much like the Creatures of the Mist in King's The Mist (1980), these aliens have a very Lovecraftian persona. In the novel, the reason these creatures imprison Chester's Mill into a giant, indestructible dome is mainly for the purpose of watching the many citizens inside for entertainment and morbid curiosity. The persona of the Leatherheads is more juvenile than adult and, like kids owning an ant farm, they enclose the town to observe how humans react to their confinement.

While their origin and where they reside is unknown, they are much older and more powerful than humanity and possess god-like abilities such as weather manipulation, control of electromagnetic fields, creating illusions, and mind control. Despite their curiosity towards humans, Leatherheads possess no empathy or consideration for human life, much like how a man has no consideration for the welfare of an ant. Which is why they don't interfere with the denizens of Chester's Mill when people are killed or held against their will by other people.

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