Alien Species
Learned Kneemoi
Learned Kneemoi
Universe Carmen Sandiego Universe
Species Unknown or unspecified (referred to on ASW as Roddenberrians)
Gender Female
Eye color Black
Homeworld Roddenberry
Affiliation Carmen Isabella Sandiego
Learned Kneemoi Mugshot

Kneemoi's Earth mugshot.

Learned Kneemoi, often simply referred to as Kneemoi is a space outlaw with a reputation on 93 planets. She is a member of an ectoplasmic species known as Roddenberry that for lack of a better term could be referred to simply as "Roddenberrians". She has a spherical body and two tentacled arms that could be retracted into her body and could form hands though didn't always have them — all of these are assumed to be typical of her species.

Though she is normally a pink hue, her body has been shown to be capable of rapid color change, though the actual purpose of this is unclear. Her facial features can also move around, not locked into place like most species; this is likely due to the same evolution for her species that allowed her to be able to morph into any form that she desires.

As she floats about, it can be assumed that she is lighter than air in some fashion, or perhaps manipulates her own gravitational field in some other manner. Again this is assumed to be typical of her species.

Behind the scenes[]