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Lavos and Lavospawn are bio-organic creatures which are dropped onto planets from an unknown home source, only to enter hibernation for many millions of years before finally draining the planet of all its energy. After destroying the planet's surface, it will spawn a multitude of clones (the Lavospawn) and prepare them to infect other worlds. If awakened prematurely, it will often defend itself against its intruders and has the power to transport them through time or simply eradicate them in an instant. It seems to prefer the scattering, presumably to let its assailants live on knowing they have failed spectacularly.


The organism called Lavos arrived on the planet in the year 65,000,000 BC, at the close of a war between Reptites and the cavemen of the Ioka tribe. Obliterating the reptite stronghold, the creature immediately began to burrow into the planet core. During the Ice Age of 12,000 BC, the creature's great energy was harvested by the Zeal Empire. When the energy extracting equipment was moved to a place on the surface closest to Lavos, the creature awoke and scattered the Zeal royal family to the winds of time. The young prince Janus was transported to the Middle Ages in the kingdom of Guardia, where his great skill in magic allowed him to make progress as a wizard. Studying Summoning magic, he attempted to summon Lavos to kill it in revenge for his sister Schala's presumed death at its "hands" (however, Schala was actually assimilated into Lavos' time signature, which would later become the Chrono Devourer). However, his summoning ritual was disrupted by the appearance of the warrior Glenn, whom he had turned into a humanoid frog ten years prior (albeit a decade, give-or-take after being tossed into the medieval period), and a band of sorcerers. Lavos continued to sleep until the year 1999 AD, where it proceeded to lay waste to the planet's surface. Moving to a mountain called Death Peak, quite possibly the world's tallest, it began to spawn clones to infect other worlds. However, due to a time-travel quest by the aforementioned Glenn's companions, including the princess of Guardia, a mad scientist, a peasant boy, a re-programmed combat robot, and the Ioka chieftan, (and possibly Janus himself), Lavos was killed when it finally surfaced. However, Lavos' death resulted in him being banished to the Darkness Beyond Time, a dimension made up of cancelled timelines, where he encountered Schala. Binding himself to her, corrupting her gentle spirit with thoughts of hatred and vengeance, Lavos and Schala were reborn as the Chrono Devourer, a being capable of feeding upon time itself.


The name Lavos is an Ioka word, "La" meaning "fire", and "Vos", meaning "big".


Lavos has an outer shell that resembles a cross between an ant and a sea urchin. This shell is incredibly tough, and considerable force must be used to crack it open. The pod-like head's only feature is a triparate jaw surrounding and protecting a single, tiny blue bead-like eye. The shell is capable of projecting plasma beams and sharp, needle-like quills, and can store enough energy to cause a nuclear winter. The shell is also capable of creating strange helpers, some with Lavos' signature triparate jaws and three legs, some faceless but have three-fingered hands and one leg, which allow it to mimic boss monsters. Inside the shell is a cave-like structure that emits faint green light. At the core, there is a vaguely humanoid, immensely tall creature with two heads stacked one on top the other, and its body connected directly to the floor at the waist, which presumably is spawned along with the rest of the body and lives its entire life within the outer shell. It is incredibly potent in combat, capable of projecting laser beams from turrets in its chest and third eye, as well as boomerang-like projectiles from its palms as a defense mechanism. The final, true form of Lavos is less than impressive, a small, pod-like being that absorbs magic and creates a decoy copy of itself and a short, humanoid combat avatar.

Lavos burrows into the core of a world once it lands on it. It continues to absorb the planet's energy and direct evolution to the point where the inhabitants can create massive power plants, such as nuclear reactors. It also absorbs any and all DNA from all living things on the planet through some unknown method to accelerate its own evolution. With this jump-start, it kills all or most of the inhabitants by making the world uninhabitable. It then moves to a point on the surface closest to space, and churns out babies, much like a female rabbit or gerbil (only asexually). These young lavos can move through space without any mechanical assistance; although the species appears to already be biomechanical by nature. Lavos is referred to with male pronouns, but it has more female/asexual traits.

Behind the Scenes[]

The outer form of Lavos is based on a monster from French mythology known as a Peluda (Occitan for "hairy") or La Velue (French for "Hairy One"), a dragon-like creature that resembled a cross between a porcupine, a turtle and a snake, capable of shooting its quills, causing floods, vomiting fire, water and acid, destroying crops and killing a full grown man with a flick of its tail.