One of the Beast Generals sent to conquer any planets they could get their hands on, Lamprey had methods of manipulation and creating inner turmoil amongst the Alliance. She is much more level-headed than Blokk, but often bickers with him. She also has a fairly thick Russian accent. Her main plan forced her to possess Tekla and turn the Alliance members against each other. The plan failed, but Lamprey continued to taunt the group, until the destruction of Remora sent her and Blokk back to the Beast Planet for punishment. In Lamprey's last appearance in the series, she makes another attempt on Tekla's life, but is instead engaged in combat with Jade. She accidentally kills herself crushes herself underneath a collapsing ceiling in the melee, killing her, though after the fight, no sign of Lamprey remains underneath the rubble. Her fate is left uncertain. She is voiced by</span>