Lambent Drudges standing over uninfected Locust drones.

The Lambent are Locust who have been infected by Immulsion. A yellow liquid-based parasite used as a fuel source by the Human population of Sera, who had also waged a civil war against one another for it, the Locust horde are aware of it's true nature and avoid it out of fear of becoming it's Lambent hosts. The Lambent are so named for constant yellow glow from the immulsion in their bodies, and each Lambent typically explodes on death, possibly due to immulsion's volatility.

Variants Edit

Polyp - Unlike other Lambent, Polyps are purely immulsion formed into a solid entity. Polyps appear similar to oversized crabs with black and luminescent-yellow rock-like skin. While extremely vulnerable to most offensive means, Polyps travel and attack in swarms and explode on death.

Stalk - Large tree-like organisms, Lambent Stalks rapidly sprout from underground and deploy Lambent from their pods. Destroying said pods will "kill" the stalk, preventing Lambent reinforcements from being deployed from them.

Lambent Drone - Locust drones infected with lambency, Lambent drones behave almost identically to their uninfected counterparts. However, they explode on death, making close quarters combat against them a significant risk.

Drudge - Lambent drones mutated further by their lambency, Drudges are more durable and aggressive than Lambent drones, presenting a complete disregard for their own survival. When fatally wounded, Drudges may either run as close to their enemy as possible before detonating, or mutating to acquire new abilities. These include replacing their lower body with a large stalk, providing elevation and the ability to spawn Polyps, replacing their arms with tentacles to throw immulsion globules or rip apart their enemy, or replace their head with a tentacle-like appendage granting the ability to spray a stream of immulsion at their target. If the Drudge is killed with this last mutation, the "headsnake" may survive independently from the body.

Lambent Wretch - Wretches infected with lambency, Lambent Wretches behave identically to Locust Wretches, with the addition of self-detonation on death. Somehow, the Locust general RAAM was able to control Lambent Wretches as part of his forces.

Gunker - Locust Boomers infected by immulsion, Gunkers are twice as large as they were before infection and extremely durable. Gunkers are capable of slinging massive chunks of immulsion at their enemies, while using an elongated tentacle to attack at mid - to - close range. Unlike other Lambent, Gunkers explode in body parts rather than all at once, the arms detonating before the head, followed by the rest of the body.

Lambent Berserker - Locust Berserkers turned Lambent, the Lambent Berserker's mutation has caused it to sprout three tentacles from it's back, and the ability to spread immulsion from it's body in liquid and gas form as it takes damage. However, it's mutation is flawed in that it's heart is fully exposed by it's ribcage opening when it attacks, providing a weak spot for it's enemies to exploit. When killed, the Lambent Berserker's death explosion appears similar to a miniature nuclear explosion and is extremely devastating to anything nearby.

Lambent Brumak - Only one Locust Brumak is confirmed to have been infected by immulsion. The Lambent Brumak's extreme mutations include a replacement head growing from it's original mouth, numerous tentacles and it's own flesh anchoring it where it stood, rendering it immobile. Requiring the orbital weapon, the hammer of dawn, to be killed, the Lambent Brumak's death explosion was powerful enough to destroy an entire city (although it was directly underneath said city at the time)

Former - Although lambency primarily affects Locust, even Humans may turn Lambent through long term immulsion exposure. Despite their rarity, Formers travel in swarms and may overwhelm their prey in numbers. Disturbingly, the consciousness of the Human the Former once was may remain, as indicated by their cries for help as they attack.

Lambent Leviathan - A Leviathan infected with Lambency, the leviathan is mutated with several tentacles and the constant production of Polyps. Only one Lambent Leviathan has been documented.

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