The Laiderplacker are a sapient species of large, furry bat-like creatures which once attempted to invade Earth in the Halloween of 1938. While they fancy themselves as threatening conquerors and destroyers; their actual military power isn't that formidable, and they aren't a very well-known species (the Eighth Doctor was unfamiliar with them). They do possess weapons capable of firing deadly beams of radiation, though.

They're known to send "breeding parties" to worlds they target for invasion. These parties are basically capsules containing young Laiderplacker, which are at this stage in their lives pretty much unintelligent and highly destructive, as well as capable of rapidly increasing their numbers by means of binary fission. After some time, the adult Laiderplacker will land on the planet to check out the wreckage, recapture their younglings and take over.


  • Big Finish Doctor Who audio stories - "Invaders from Mars" (2002).


  • As this is their first visit to Earth, the Laiderplacker get quite amazed by the amount of water available; perhaps implying that their own homeworld is relatively poor in water resources.
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