Lady Lyzera is the First Daughter of the House of Thraal-Nekron, Granddaughter of Sandar the Slayer, Last Blood of the People of the Ringed Moon, the wife of Varg, the sister-in-law of Lexi, the daughter-in-law of The Nekross King and the Queen Regent of all Nekross.

Lyzera married Varg in order to save the Royal House of Nekron and to prevent Varg's father the King from being devoured (after Nekron's temporally ruler Chancellor Kooth revealed that the King kept, their people's food source: Magic for himself and gave the other Nekross only scraps).

She travels with Varg onboard the Zarantulus to Earth to continue the Nekross's mission to extract the planet's magic. She has heard of Varg's defeats at the hands of wizard Tom Clarke and is determined not to let her plans suffer the same fate.

Until recently, Varg was unaware that Lyzera was a sorceress who wishes to take Earth's magic to concur the universe, which was something only her pet bird Eelix knew about. She has a Sorceress Zone hidden in the Flight Deck, which she can access via saying the spell Nagrasack Vidrasack Gashtang Nagaar.

She once took on a human form and went by the name of Laura Piper. But it is unknown if she used a Form Filter (like other Nekross) to this or Magic.

She is played by Alex Childs.


Lyzera has violet skin with brown eyes,two antenna covered in purple strands with an eye on the right one and a mouth on the left on. She also wears a purple and gold dress.

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