"The greatest threat is ever the one we know least about, and few xeno-forms epitomise this notion more than the Lacrymole. Their greatest knack, its seems, is convincing us that they no longer exist."
―Inquisitor Grundvald in an address to the Betacairn Conclave
General Information
Sapience level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Warhammer 40k

Lacrymoles are a near-exinct species of shape-shifters which feed on blood from other life forms. Their diet also grants the Lacrymoles the ability to assume the appearance of a humanoid organism they have previously fed on. Although they have largely been wiped out by the Imperium of Man, Lacrymoles are known to infiltrate Human ships disguised as passengers or crew in order to feed on those aboard and find new worlds to establish their presence.

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