La Carcagne
La Carcagne
Biography Information
Homeworld Alternate Dimension
Species Antimatter Space Buzzard
Death 1957
Height Battleship-sized
Diet Carnivore
Status Deceased
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Giant Claw

La Carcagne, also referred as the Antimatter Space Buzzard, is a very large bird-like creature from the 1957 film The Giant Claw as the main antagonist. It originated from an alternate dimension where its made entirely of antimatter.

Description Edit

La Carcagne, as its alternate name suggests, resembles a gigantic vulture or buzzard, with its size often compared to a battleship. Its body covered in black feathers with the exception of its legs, neck, and head which show pink skin. Its beak is curved downward like a Flamingo, with numerous rounded teeth.

While it appears as just a kaiju-sized bird, La Carcagne can actually create an antimatter forcefield around itself as protection against aerial attacks and weaponry.

Fate Edit

La Carcague was killed not too long after arrival onto Earth when a specialized isotope negates its natural force field, allowing Human military to shoot it down with aimed missiles.

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