Disney chairman clench jeffery jones
L.C. Clench (portrayed by Jeffery Jones) is chairman of XS Tech (XS for short), an extraterrestrial corporation in the future. XS had an exhibit in Tomorrowland meant to demonstrate the company's technology to the people of Earth in the hopes of acquiring a terrestrial consumer base. One such technology was teleportation which at the exhibit would be demonstrated by a SIR (Synthetic Intelligence Robot) using a small creature (the results where less then desired) before guests would be taken to a circular auditorium where they where informed that one of them would be teleported to XS headquarters to meet Clench in person. However, before this can happen L.C. Clench steped in and nervously explains that their has been a change of plans- rather then transport one of them to XS he himself would travel to Earth to meet all of them personally. However, he gets transported to the wrong planet and a technician tries to retrieve him only to instead transport a horrific creature to Earth. By the time L.C. Clench was recovered sever damage had been done but the Chairman tried to make light of what was undoubtedly a horrific experience- one that cost the lives a few employees. Despite this setback, XS would after an American colony was assaulted by a species greatly resembling the creature XS had accidentally transported to Earth, be called upon by the President of the United States. The president's administration recognized that XS's technology tends to without intention cause harm and figured they'd thus be suited to build a weapon and under L.C. Clench XS delivered with the XS 5000. A four legged walking mech requiring a pilot and multiple gunmen to operate. With this device and XS's teleportation technology a number of colonist where rescued though the operation only lasted 4 minutes due to the desperation of the crisis.


  • ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter (1995-2003) - a themed attraction at Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom
  • Invasion! ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter (1998-2001) - a VR game at DisneyQuest.
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