General Information
Homeworld Daimalko
Height 150 feet
Weight 20,000 tons
Diet Carnivore
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Pathfinder Universe

Kyokors are among the most common types of colossi, the enormous monsters that rampage across the surface of the planet Daimalko.

Description Edit

Anatomy Edit

Kyokors are gigantic beasts, towering 150 feet tall and weighing around 20,000 tons. They are vaguely humanoid bipeds covered with heavy exoskeletons harder than most metals, through which hundreds of tendrils can extrude when they need to finely manipulate objects. Its crablike claws are too large and powerful for such purposes, and are only useful for combat. Its armored head contains four tiny eyes and a tusked mouth above an elongated chin.

Abilities Edit

In addition to their physical might, kyokors wield dangerous psychic powers. Their attacks on structures can paralyze the minds of witnesses with fear, although attacking nearby creatures weakens this hold and attacking the victim themselves ends it outright. They can also psychically sense large gatherings of intelligent beings out to a distance of 5 miles.

Intelligence Edit

Despite their bestial appearance, kyokors are fully sentient. They are even capable of speech, although no one has ever successfully spoken with one.

Ecology Edit

Kyokors wander Daimalko in search of settlements to destroy. Upon finding it, they raze it to the ground, devouring as many of its inhabitants as they can. It is unclear, however, if they even need to eat at all or if it the act of destruction itself that feeds them. The monsters can live in any environment, land or sea, and can breathe water as well as air. Fortunately, they are solitary creatures that rarely interact with other colossi beyond occasional battles.

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