The Kushibans are a sapient race of lagomorphoids native to the planet Kushiba. They can move about on all fours, or walk semi-upright on their hind legs. Measuring no more than a meter in length, the average Kushiban is often mistaken as a pet or as vermin, despite the fact that they are actually an intelligent and complex race of beings who exist in harmony with their environment. On their homeworld, the Kushiban have no need for technology or tools, living as farmers and weavers and existing in peace with their surroundings. Kushiban tapestries are known throughout the galaxy for their craftsmanship and beauty. On Kushiba, they are often preyed upon by the predatory xinkras. A trait which is unique to the Kushibans is their ability to change the color of their fur, used to express their emotions or to camouflage their body in case of danger. The fur of a peaceful Kushiban is white, but it can change to black in a deeply disturbed individual.

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