Kurnous was the God of the Hunt in the Eldar Pantheon.

Background Edit

In Eldar mythology Isha is the mate of the god Kurnous, the God of the Hunt. During the First War In Heaven, between the Old Ones and the C'tan and their Necron, Isha was one of the warp-derived beings created by the young Eldar at the encouragement of their creators to be used as weapons in the war. After the war ended, these war-beings formed from the collective psychic might of the nascent race became sentient and true gods of the Immaterium.

Kurnous was the husband of Isha, and together they had a daughter known as Lileath. This couple regarded the Eldar race as their children. When Lileath, saw into the future that the War God Khaine would be torn asunder into hundreds of pieces by a great mortal army, Khaine demanded that the Eldar be destroyed.

To prevent that from coming to pass, Asuryan created a great barrier that separated the realm of mortals from the gods. Kurnous and Isha were separated from their mortal children, so the smith god Vaul fashioned spirit stones through which they could communicate with their children.

Khaine learning of this reported it to Asuryan, which enraged the Phoenix King when his edict was disobeied. Asuryan sentenced the pair to Khaine to do as he wished. Khaine confined the two gods, making them endure constant torment. Vaul the Smith petitioned for their release, which the War God agreed in exchange for a hundred swords within a year's time.

Vaul seemingly succeeded freeing both Kurnous and his wife. However Khaine discovered that one of the blades was a forgery, indicating Vaul had failed to craft the remaining one in time. Enraged Khaine sought vengeance against Vaul leading to the Second War in Heaven.

Like may of the gods, Kurnous was devoured by Slaanesh.

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