Master Kundo is a cybernetically-enhanced Revonnahgander former teacher of Rook and an enemy of Ben Tennyson.

Biology Edit

Appearance Edit

Kundo originally looked like most Revonnahganders, with blue fur, yellow sclera, and orange irises. He had white hair around his chin. He wore a red robe with black accents, a large beaded necklace, and brown leg and arm wraps. He also wore a silver armband around his left arm.

After an accident involving depleted blastonium, his fur has been burned off to reveal pink scarred skin with many red veins and scars popping out of it and his eyes are now white with red sclera. His left arm has been replaced with a cybernetic silver and red arm. He wears the same robe as before, except it has become somewhat tattered.

Powers and abilities Edit

Kundo is a grandmaster of Revonnah Kai, being able to fight on-par with Orishan, Florauna, Segmentasapiens, Kickin Hawk's Species, Petrosapien, Orthopterran and even other Revonnahganders.

Kundo has great levels of agility and acrobatics.

Kundo possess enhanced strength, being able to easily punch through a Segmentasapien's body. His cybernetics have made him considerably stronger, allowing him to tear off the hands of a Acrosian.

Kundo is proficient in use of a three-section staff with a curved blade on the top. He is able to wield it as a single long pole or its segmented form for great versatility in battle. Kundo's signature battle technique is the "Stone Cutter", a powerful punch that focuses energy into his striking fist. Once used, its force is able to create powerful shockwaves and smash through Proto-Tech Armor.

Since acquiring his cybernetics, Kundo has gained the ability to control other technology, as he was able to completely hack into the Plumber Headquarters' system and control it with ease.

Weaknesses Edit

Due to his hatred of technology, Kundo was initially caught off-guard at the sheer amount of devices on Earth.

Kundo personality has become extremely warped since becoming a cyborg, making him irrational and prone to angry outbursts.

Kundo can be punch by a species with as much strength as a Vaxasaurian.

Though he is a grandmaster of Revonnah Kai, Kundo can be defeated using external fighting styles and tactics. Rook Blonko has been able to best him using what he has learned from his experiences as a Plumber.

Kundo are vulnerable to electricity, such as a Amperi or Conductoid's attack.

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