The Kulless were a sapient species from the planet Gerres Gule. Members of the species were bipedal, with a round torso and a thick tail. In 24 BBY, the Kulless Shrivel Braittrand competed on the professional podracing circuit, piloting a podracer of his own design. Braittrand was particularly favored on the SoroSuub Facility track.

Biology and appearance

The Kulless were a sapient species of bipeds. Their torso was muscular and barrel-shaped, with long arms that terminated in tetradactyl hands. Their legs were shorter, with three anterior toes and one posterior toe. The Kulless had a thick tail that reached to the ground. As exemplified by Shrivel Braittrand, they had brown pigmentation and their skin was dotted with some lumps. The Kulless face was quite flat with deep-set eyes, black in coloration, and a prominent brow. They had a stubby nose, and white teeth behind pale lips.


The Kulless evolved on Gerres Gule, a planet located in the Mid Rim region of the galaxy and in the general region of the Dragonflower Nebula. Individual Kulless were found offworld from as early as 24 BBY. Around this time, the Kulless Shrivel Braittrand traveled the galaxy as the chief mechanic for the podracer Boles Roor. Roor, a Sneevel, eventually gave up racing to return to his career has as a glimmik singer, creating an opening for Braittrand on the circuit. Scrapping his former employer's podracer, Brittrand constructed an entirely new vehicle that he named the Kulless Squall. This podracer was highly maneuverable and became one of the more impressive vehicles on the professional circuit. Braittrand drew upon his many years with Roor for experience, and was particularly favored on the SoroSuub Facility track on Sullust. He raced against the likes of Sebulba the Dug, Teemto Pagalies, and Ody Mandrell.

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