Unnamed species
General Information
Homeworld Unknown
Body type Spherical
Locomotion Flight
Sapience level Sapient
Language Telepathic
Racial abilities Telepathic
Status Almost extinct
Behind the Scenes
Universe Zagubieni
Created by Marcin Mortka

An unnamed species with telepathic abilities from the Milky Way Galaxy that is almost extinct.

Biology Edit

They are spherical creatures without limbs that move by flying. Their entire bodies are covered in gray fur. This species have developed telepathic abilities.

History Edit

This unnamed species was a peaceful race that din't know aggression. They almost have become almost after united Trytolian clans tried to destroy them, because of their telepathic abilities. After that, only a few members of this species had survived and scattered around the galaxy.

In 2013, an individual with a name unspeakable for Humans, called by them as Kulka (from Polish: ball) arrived in the Sol System during the Trytolian invasion to help Humans in that war.

Appearances Edit

  • Zagubieni. Inwazja by Marcin Mortka (2013)

Gallery Edit

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