Universe Kokey
Homeworld Kukurikabu
Average Height Little bit taller than Humans
Diet Omnivorous (Presumed)
Intelligence Level Sapient

Kukurikabukans are sapient humanoids from the planet Kukurikabu in an unknown galaxy (possibly Milky Way or Andromeda).


Blue skintone and enlarged squid-like head are usually attributed to the Kukurikabukans. They are a little bit taller than Humans (because of their heads). Their race has a very high fecundity which greatly contributed to their current population problem. Unlike Humans, they have green blood instead of red, indicating that iron is either not their primary blood basis or they perhaps have rich quantities of chlorocruorin. Their race also naturally possesses superhuman abilities like electrokinesis, healing (with the cost of their energy depending on the severity of the wound) and energy beams.

Culture and societyEdit


A Kukurikabukan city.

Their planet Kukurikabu is currently ruled by King Belat, the son of the former King Cone. His father was a ruthless ruler. During his reign if a crime is committed death penalty is imposed for Humans while Kukurikabukan offenders are exiled to outer space. His race experienced a population crisis so bad that they have used almost all of their planet's surface. In order to find a solution he ordered the abduction of Humans to inform them that the Earth will be colonized by them and they will call it their second home. Humans would also be exterminated from the face of the Earth in order to give space for the Kukurikabukans.

Coincidentally some of the Humans they abducted were scientists and they offered help to the Kukurikabukans to solve their problem in their own planet's soil so the Earth would be spared. While the Human scientist sought a solution the other Humans were unknowingly being kept as slaves by King Cone. The scientists were successfully able to find a solution by studying the anatomy of the Kukurikabukan race using their database and technology but King Cone still proceeded with the invasion. The invasion was delayed by the sabotaging of some of their ships and interference in Earth by his son Belat who was willing to protect the Humans. At the climax of the invasion his armada successfully infiltrated NASA but was again foiled by his son with the help of Kokey and his Yekokan family. The invasion ended when King Cone died in a space skirmish with King Kokoy of Yekok within in the Sol System. His son Belat then ascended to the throne as his successor. Their species' population problem was solved as he took the solution of the Human scientists to heart-equivalent.

The Kukurikabukans are known to be an advanced race. They are experts in various fields especially in military and technology. Age-modyfying rays, holographic generators, force field generation, capsule imprisonment and small but powerful laser guns (which are able to seriously damage a Kukurikabukan starship) are some of these high tech weaponry. Kukurikabukans sleep standing in their respective glass pods which they simply refer to as their rooms.

They also have a powerful police equipped with spaceships which in one instance captured an rouge ship using its powerful magnetic ray gun.

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