The Krytollaks were a race which worshiped the Emperor Palpatine during the reign of the New Order, the Krytollaks were a warm-blooded, insectile mammalian species. They have hard, dense outer shells surrounding tough skeletal structures. Most Krytollaks have brown or black shells. A green shell appears every so often, and was revered as a sign of greatness. Nobles and ranking officials paint elaborate designs on the shells. They have small eyes hidden within their facial plates, and beak-like mouths. Their ears were really a series of membranes arranged around the facial plates, and they lack a nose as well as a sense of smell. They subsist on plant material and certain rocks and minerals. They were technologically primitive and aloof when they were discovered during the latter years of the Old Republic. When Palpatine rose to power, the Krytollaks — who believe in a single ruler of their own homeworld of Thandruss — deferred to his awesome power. Many Krytollaks infiltrated the Alliance in an effort to provide information to the Empire. It was unknown how the Krytollaks have adapted to life under the auspices of the New Republic.

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