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The Kryptonians are a critically endangered humanoid species from the now destroyed planet Krypton. Superman and Supergirl are the last of the Kryptonians. They are the natural enemies of the Dheronian species as every 20 years they were at war for each other's treasures.[1]


Kryptonians are anatomically indistinguishable from humans apart from a slightly greater height and musclulature (this can be explained as an extreme example of convergent evolution). The Kryptonian has the same likeness as humans, the Kryptonian are segregated culture is divided by six guilds: Leadership (the High Council) Scientific (medical and engineering), Arts (design and construction), Warrior (security and weapons), Worker (services and general assistance) and Religious (discipline and ordinance). Their guild is chosen for them on the teenager by choice, and learn how to differentiate the choices of the guilds not mixing the other guilds for service, without interfering with the different guilds of their parents. The guilds were founded after the chaos of war policy by the High Council (global collective advice) about thousand years ago before the end of Krypton. Before the order of the internal insulation of the planet Krypton illness started in advanced technology as galactic explorers studying other technologies for improvement.

About a thousand years before the end of Krypton, with advanced progessive technologies, but with the invasion of the ancient alien enemies "The Vrangs" a war that lasted 3 years, with countless loss of life, The Kryptonian culture began to change to be isolated out all beings from the planet Krypton, there were internal conflicts between the policy of exploitation galactica with a new order of the high Council in the internal collective power of the planet, the new order won, and the whole policy of exploitation was excluded, separating some rebels against the new policy Kryptonian, half of the rebellion came out of krypton to found the world Daxam, and the other half that was, started a war. In the hunt for a few rebels to death, a nuclear bomb hit the core of the planet, condemning krypton slowly to death. The chemistry of the nucleus became the birth of kryptonite, creating storms, earthquakes and temperature drop messing with the axis of the planet, increased substance of kryptonite to the planet created poisonous gases killing slowly the Kryptonian life. The high council supported and promised benefit Kryptonian population, to look for ways to save Krypton in search of the best scientists, the people supported the High Council, which became the only Kryptonian world government, founding a new era with the division of the 6 guilds. During a visit of a space priest called the "Cleric" from his space ark, seeking new disciples for its eradication, a group of 30 Kryptonian followed the Cleric in their new space journeys, the group began to die one by one mysteriously, the cleric used his alien artifact collected all the genomes of Kryptonian dead, and discovered by studying a chemical atmospheric modified the genome of Kryptonian to ban them come out once the planet, doomed to be forever trapped and connected to the doomed planet Krypton the Cleric back to Krypton, delivering their dead and announced before the high council the final conviction of the Kryptonian people, after leaving Krypton, the Cleric kept the genome of the dead within the artifact known as eradicator, a search for a cure, years later, the Cleric finds the cure,  which was announced in future by Kal-El, to find the Cleric, during his exile into space. In the last Kryptonian was, there were several events a "new alien invasion" known as Brainiac, who robbed the city of Kandor, the most important of Krypton, the discovery of the Phantom Zone by Jor-El, he also found the condemnation of Krypton, the high council expelled Jor-El for lies and terrorism Kryptonian population of the few who believed, were the inhabitants of Argo City, who built a power dome (providing light and oxygen) keeping the surviving population, Commitment, the core of the krypton was at the end, creating a strong pressure that the planet exploded into fragments. The Kryptonian are not friendly with primitive cultures (for the Earth), they prefer to isolate as scouts to study in their spatial networks.

In Kryptonian mythology, Vohc was a great God who created the Rao brothers and Cythonna to help in the creation and birth of Krypton. Vohc joined the genetics of the two brothers to create a new race, and gave his technological knowledge to evolve and create Cythonna chose the dark side of evil, killing its creator and father, Rao creates a war bond with Cythonna, defeated, Cythonna was divided into three parts becoming the three moons of krypton. Rao promising not to abandon the creation of his father, becomes a big star, and all Kryptonian worship Rao as the supreme God of the planet on the Raonist religion, intellectual adopting Vohc made the Kryptonian race to be quite advanced in their technologies.

The Kryptonian had two alien races as occasional enemies as Dheronian (alien neighbors two dwarf stars that change color) and  the Vrangs (known as invading pirates and torturers of slaves), in a system near the Kryptonian space.

About 55.76 million kilometers from Krypton, there is a spatial anomaly of two wormholes, one of it was destroyed by General Zod by the giant missile, which Caused the destruction to Rinoti planet que was on the other side of the wormhole, birthplace of Amalak, closed forever the wormhole. The other was discovered by Jor-EL of the dead and changed dimension, founding the Kryptonian jail called "Phantom Zone", Jor-EL create a portal linking to this dimension. Amalak translates the symbols of missile debris found wandering in the orbit of Rinoti, originated from the planet Krypton, starting a war with the Kryptonian for revenge.


Kryptonians of Krypton series TV.

Besides Superman (Kal-El) as surviving almost extinct Kryptonian race, others like Supergirl (Kara Zor-El) and the inhabitants of the bottled city of Kandor, are officially the survivors of Krypton.

Powers & Abilities

The genome Kryptonian and differential at any yellow star, creating changes and vulnerable as immortal power of a god. Kryptonians, once outside their star system, acquire new abilities determined by the frequency of each sun's light and internal radiation. White stars, orange stars, dwarf stars, giant stars and blue stars all give them different properties. Their cells are natural organic solar batteries that absorb and metabolize solar energy, giving them their various abilities.

Yellow Sun Abilities

  • Solar Energy Absorption: Kryptonians are known to possess plant-like cells in their bodies, giving them the ability to absorb the energy of yellow and even blue suns to gain their amazing physical powers.
    • Invulnerability: Kryptonians possesses a dense-molecular structure, which in conjunction with a supercharged bio-electric aura, allow them to withstand virtually any kind of attack. They are also immune to the effects of virtually any known disease and can survive the vacuum of space.
    • Superhuman Physiology:
      • Super Intellect:
      • Superhuman Strength: As their bodies are far denser than those of humans, their muscles are also far denser, giving them the ability to lift things that no human can lift without the use of machinery. It is undetermined how much an average Kryptonian can lift, but what is known is that it ranges in the tons.
      • Superhuman Speed: As they are strong and capable of withstanding virtually anything, Kryptonians also possess the ability to move at speeds faster than the Earth's fastest fighter jet. They can apply this to running, flying and even to their reflexes.
      • Superhuman Stamina: Kryptonian stamina is known to be extraordinary as they can last in a fight for long periods of time without tiring out.
      • Superhuman Healing: Though virtually indestructible, if Kryptonians receive physical injury, they can heal injuries within moments or even seconds upon receiving them.
      • Superhuman Senses: The natural senses of a Kryptonian, give them the ability to hear, see, smell, even feel and taste things far better than the natural senses of humans.
        • X-Ray Vision: Kryptonians are known to have the power of seeing through virtually any known physical object and can be used to see any form of physical injury sustained by humans.
        • Microscopic Vision: Kryptonians are capable of seeing things at the atomic level.
        • Superhuman Hearing:
        • Telescopic Vision: Kryptonians are able to see things at distances superior to that of an eagle.
        • Electromagnetic Spectrum Vision: Kryptonians are capable of seeing in every single spectrum of light.
        • Heat Vision: An ability that stems from their ability to absorb solar energy, Kryptonians are capable of emitting beams of intense heat from their eyes. Their eyes glow red and the beams can be either visible or invisible to the naked eye.
    • Longevity: As they hail from an alien world, Kryptonians do not age like normal humans do and possess a far longer lifespan than humans.
    • Flight: Heavier than normal humans on Earth, Kryptonians are capable of manipulating gravitons to defy the laws of gravity. They can hover and fly at amazing speeds.
    • Super Breath: The respiratory system of a Kryptonian is known to have the ability to take in lots of air and then expel it from their mouths, producing hurricane force winds. They can also freeze the air that comes out of their lungs and freeze things as well.

Pulsar & Quasar Abilities

  • Nigh-Omnipotence - Kryptonians are said to be given "power beyond imagining" by pulsars and quasars.


Kryptonians of Earth-3 are known to possess all the same powers and abilities as their prime counterparts. There is however an exception, that being that their powers come from absorbing the energy from Kryptonite fragments. The only known Kryptonian to do this is Ultraman, being that he is the only known Kryptonian of his Earth to have survived the destruction of his Krypton. He doesn't absorb the radiation it gives off, instead he ingests it, whether it be crushed into a powder he snorts like a drug or through flat out eating it.

According to some rumors, Ultraman was strong enough to kill gods of his Earth, as well as possess more resilience to magic than that of Superman. He was capable of taking a direct hit from Black Adam's power of Shazam with no other after effects, with the exception of it causing him to bleed.


Normal Kryptonians

  • Kryptonite: A radioactive piece of their home world, Kryptonite is on a wavelength that actually can drain a Kryptonian under a yellow sun of their powers. This usually happens in close proximity or if is fired from weapons as either projectiles or energy blasts. So long as they are exposed to it, it is extremely painful and potentially lethal. The most common form of this mineral is green, however there are other isotopes, usually distinguishable by color. Despite the effects it has on Kryptonians, some Kryptonians of other universes might have an immunity to the kryptonite of the worlds they are currently on. Others might also ingest Kryptonite to power themselves, such as the Kryptonians of Earth-3. Aside from it's effects on Kryptonians, it can also affect humans as well, but only due to prolonged exposure to the mineral. The only real way to defend against the radioactive properties would be encasing it in lead.
    • Green Kryptonite: The most common and only natural form of Kryptonite in existence, green kryptonite are radioactive minerals from what used to be Krypton. The rock has no immediate effects to humans, but in close proximity or even used as a weapon against Kryptonians, the effects are instantaneous. Several villains are known to use this as a weapon against Kryptonians such as Lex Luthor, who uses it in his warsuit and even Metallo, who possesses a Kryptonite heart.
    • Red Kryptonite: Unlike the common green Kryptonite known for draining and potentially killing a Kryptonian, red Kryptonite doesn't have this ability. This type strips any Kryptonian exposed to it of their inhibitions. Example of this is if a Kryptonian usually never murders or steals, this will cause them to act without fail. Once it's been removed however, they usually revert back to their former selves.
    • Blue Kryptonite: A reversal of green Kryptonite, blue Kryptonite has no real effect on a Kryptonian, however it does have the same effect on Bizarro as green Kryptonite does on any other Kryptonian. It's effects on Bizarro remained, but also stripped any Kryptonian of their powers, but made them immune to the effects of green kryptonite.[2] It also enhanced the heal of any human exposed to it.
    • Anti-Kryptonite: Another rare form of Kryptonite, Anti-Kryptonite has the same effect on non-superpowered Kryptonians as green Kryptonite has on superpowered Kryptonians.
    • Magno-Kryptonite: A form of Kryptonite capable of pulling anything of Kryptonian origin to it. Even the strength of Superman or Bizarro are incapable of breaking from it's grasp.
    • Gold Kryptonite: A rare form of Kryptonite, gold causes any Kryptonian exposed to it to be permanently stripped of their powers, making them as normal as a human.
    • Black Kryptonite: Another rare form of Kryptonite, black causes a Kryptonian's personality to become split between both a good and evil side.
    • Silver Kryptonite: Another rare form of kryptonite comes in the form of silver. This version, rather than restore the powers of a Kryptonian exposed to gold kryptonite, it actually can cause them to begin hallucinating and become mentally unstable.
    • Pink Kryptonite: Another rare form comes in pink. Originally, pink kryptonite caused Kryptonians exposed to it to begin having homosexual tendencies. When Superman was exposed to a piece of it, this caused him to actually change his gender into that of a woman with no other side effects.[3]
  • Red Sun: If a Kryptonian is exposed to the energy of a red sun, be it natural or artificial, they will be stripped of their powers so long as they remain under it's rays. Once they have absorbed yellow sun again, their powers will return.
  • Magic: Despite a Kryptonian's invulnerability, they are not impervious to the effects of magic. This is due to the fact that magic itself is chaotic in nature and therefore, Kryptonians possess no natural defense against it.
  • Lead: Though not necessarily a crippling weakness, Kryptonians are incapable of seeing through lead. This is due to the fact that lead is extremely dense and not even x-rays can penetrate it.
  • Phantom Zone: Kryptonians imprisoned within the inter dimensional prison, known as the "Phantom Zone" usually don't have powers they would under a yellow sun, as there is no yellow sun in the zone that they can absorb energy. There is one exception however, which is Doomsday, who actually doesn't need the sun for his powers and has been able to free himself from the zone. Also if they have a form of artificial yellow sunlight within the phantom zone, they will be able to utilize their powers and abilities.
  • Metahumans: With the fall of countless kryptonites on Earth, LexCorp began its research, extracting chemical ores from green kryptonite, to develop mutants on Earth, some of them were Superman's enemies and others who became part of the Justice League.

Earth-3 Kryptonians

  • Sunlight: Kryptonians from Earth-3 are known to be extremely vulnerable to the effects of a yellow sun. Initial exposure usually causes stinging pain for them, however prolonged exposure breaks up the Kryptonite energy in their bodies and they lose their body mass, causing them to go into an emaciated like state.
  • Kryptonite Deprivation: Kryptonians of Earth-3 need to maintain a constant supply of Kryptonite for their abilities, otherwise their powers become weaker over time.


Kryptonian technology

Kryptonian technology

Kryptonian technology and architecture was mostly based on giant self-grown crystals, known as "Sunstone Crystals", which were very common on their planet and could be used to store information. These structures might have been natural or artificial, or a combination of both. Kryptonian technology was so advanced, that they had the potential to download inscriptions (including all of their knowledge) onto the very electrons of their ships and metals, which would in turn download into the cerebral cortex of any said creature. Superman's ship is the last of Krypton's technology. In the DC Extended Universe however, their technology is based on an amorphous material known as "Liquid Geo". It is as multi-purpose as Sunstone and is able of creating various things, including communications, weaponry, command keys, etc.

Kryptonian Robot

Kryptonian Robot

On Krypton, all robots are helpers of Kryptonians, they have telecommunication technology, holography and a storage of encyclopedias, helping the interaction of all Kryptonian means.

The Kryptonian space arks were spaceships that explored Kryptonian space in the planet's past, with the evolution of technology, the arks were used in Zod's civil war, with a mighty weapon, which orbited the planet Krypton, to catalog rebel regions linked to the high council, which did not accept the concept of Black Zero having the ultimate power on the planet, the arks were taken from Zod's army to activate their torpedoes and destroy cities that had the support of the high council, but the ceasefire by Jor- EL caused most soldiers to be trapped in the arks, in the destruction system as genocidal punishment from Zod's armada, exterminating Black Zero's terrorist army, and capturing Zod and his allies, banishing them all to the Phantom Zone. Arks were used for galactic exploration in Krypton's past, but over time they have been altered both internally and externally, in the last era, the arks were used to fight Brainiac's invasion, of the 200 arks, the Brainiac ship destroyed 130, the The remaining arks were taken over by Zod when he initiated Black Zero's supremacy, who introduced Brainiac's force technology to the remaining 70 arks, with two force shields, long and short-range phazer, and a powerful destruction torpedo.

Starship ark Kryptonian

Starship ark kryptonian

On Earth-10, Kal-L's ship came with a unique, yet limited supply of a chemical. This was used by his wife Lena Kant for the duration of their marriage. This chemical was capable of maintaining her youth, so long as she used it constantly. Kryptonians are also known to have clothes made of extremely tough fibers. The material these fibers are made up of is unknown and has been shown to be as durable as the Kryptonian wearing them. In the Max Fleischer cartoon, Superman has demonstrated the ability to actually protect Lois Lane from molten steel with his cape, without any kind of damage to it. Beings like Doomsday and Darkseid however have been able to damage the fibers making up their uniforms. In the DC Extended Universe, the tight bodysuit worn by the Kryptonians are looked to more as an under suit, or a form of long johns worn beneath their armor or robes. Despite this however, the suit can be equipped with a cape, optionally of course.

Since the discovery of the Phantom Zone, there has been a device known as the Phantom Zone Projector, able to create a portal right to the inter-dimensional prison. Superman is known to own one within the Fortress of Solitude. In the DC Extended Universe however, the methods of traveling to the Phantom Zone is known simply as a Phantom Drive, allowing any who possess such a device to leave and enter the zone at will. The Kryptonians of the DC Extended Universe possess highly advanced terraforming technology, enabling them to transform a world like Earth, into one like Krypton.

Kryptonians seem to also have their hand in nanotechnology as well. In Injustice: Gods Among Us, the Superman who resides in the universe after the Joker's death has developed a pill known as 5-U-93-R. The pill consists of Kryptonian nanotechnology, which when ingested, increases the tensile strength of both tissue and bone by several thousand percent. This makes any normal human as durable as the Man of Steel for sometime, however the effects are temporary. It is however dangerous to ingest more than 2 at a time, otherwise people are subject to cardiac issues.


The Kryptonians were a very culturally advanced race; with two primary culture traits: science and warrior-like mentality. The political powers on the planet were governed by a council of scientists and warriors (but mostly scientists). Each noble Kryptonian family (or "House") was symbolized by particular symbols which resemble Earth's Indo-European alphabetical letters (such as "S" for El or "Z" for Zod). The red dwarf star, Rao of Krypton's planetary system was worshiped as a God, but in a more scientific manner than Earth's spiritual religions. Kryptonian Dogs were kept as pets by the Kryptonian people, much like Earth Dogs are kept as pets by Humans.

The Kryptonian people were a very xenophobic race that hardly ever left their homeworld, however they didn't all die out. Though Kal-El and Kara Zor-El were the only 2 on Earth after the destruction of Krypton, a whole colony of Kryptonians in the bottled city of Kandor. Other Kryptonians were found within the inter-dimensional prison, known to many as the Phantom Zone, which included General Dru-Zod, his wife Ursa and the hulking mute known as Non. Though some maintain their xenophobic nature, others like Kal-El and Kara Zor-El are known to be more accepting of other species.


Kryptonians and Superman have a few enemies of note:

  • Dheron: Kryptonians were somewhat of a self-promoting and indulging race and were willing to utilize lethal force to take valuables from other worlds.The planet Dheron, the fifth planet from Krypton's red sun, was one such planet. Every twenty years, the planets were at war over each other's treasures. In an act of revenge, the two races disabled each other's star travel abilities. The Dheronians view themselves as the natural enemies of Kryptonians and are partially responsible both for the destruction of Krypton and the near-extermination of the Kryptonian race.
  • Apokolips: Superman is a great opponent of the Apokoliptian warlord Darkseid.
  • Vrangs: Are aliens humanoids quite hostile a neighbor system Krypton belonging Star Ariel, known as invaders worlds, to select strong slaves to their services on Thursday was Kryptonian, Sur-EL (ancestor of Superman) and Val-OR were two heroes two continents who commanded the slaves of rebellion against Vrangs, Val-OR founded the birth of Kandor, starting with a village of rebel slaves, he died in sacrifice to evict Vrangs where his tomb is in the center of Kandor, and Sur-EL became to be the first leader of Kandor, starting the village of growth for a city. Years later, the Vrangs picked up a distress signal from the Krypton asteroid field, and finds the city destroyed of "Argo City" and several bodies of Kryptonians dead floating around the city, finding that still remaining survivors of the former Krypton.

Planetary Relationships

Kryptonians had relationships a various forms with many planets across the 28 known inhabited galaxies.

  • Dheron: Kryptonians had an antagonistic relationship with the Dheronians; every 20 years they were after each other's treasures and would wage wars to take what they wanted, and vice versa.
  • Almerac: Kryptonians had a fairly benevolent relationship with the Almeracians. Many Kryptonian males were requested as mates by Almeracian women.
  • Earth: Kryptonian relations to Earth go back centuries. A Kryptonian of the El bloodline once came to Earth over 500 years ago and helped found the Kawatche Native American Werewolf tribe, forging the legend of Naman (Superman) as well as leaving behind Palak (The Starblade); a powerful Kryptonian knife with mystical powers within the Kawatche caves. In the 16th century, a Witch in France, Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreau, and her followers held a book of magical spells and Kryptonian glyphs which she intended to use to find The Stones of Power; three Kryptonian elements holding the knowledge of Krypton which would later be used to create Superman's Fortress of Solitude.
  • Mars: Kryptonians were on good terms with the Green Martians and would assist them in containing the White Martians.
  • Daxam: Although Daxamites are descendants and separatist of Kryptonians, the genomes are very similar but their weaknesses are different between lead and kryptonite, Zax-Vane was the first daxamite to have a direct contact with the Krypton, meet with grandfather Superman Seyg- EL, Zax-Vane disobeying daxamite guideline Krypton away, antagonizing the Kryptonian ancestry, for a renewed life in Daxam. His secret was discovered by a Sentinel guard of Daxam, Zax Vane was executed for death, although the daxamites are xenophobic any alien race.
  • Vrangs: A hostile alien people are conquering worlds and collectors of slaves, even expelled from krypton, they continued with attacks on Kryptonian border, where some Kryptonian spacecraft military guild were intercepted and killed by them.
  • Rinoti: homeworld killer pirate "Amalak" when the wormhole that connected to a gaseous planet called Toron (within the space Kryptonian) in the storm on the planet, emitting a passage to another dimension, Zod general hid this secret of the High Council, acting by he dominate and destroy the planet Rinoti, where one of his troops were trapped in this dimension, all being hunted and killed by Amalak, Karsta Wor-UR was the only survivor of the soldiers of troop military guild, finding superman on earth, and Amalak's defeated for super squad of earth, she go the planet OA authorities, Amalak is arrested and Karsta becoming a member of the blue lantern Corps.
  • Jekuul: The people of Jekuul are a primitive race, who has somewhat of a religious belief system centering around the members of the House of Zod. They worship Dru-Zod, Ursa and Lor-Zod as gods, due to the fact that they possess superhuman powers under the effects of the 2 yellow suns it orbits.

Notable Kryptonians & Alternate Counterparts

  • Kal-El: The most well known member of his race, Kal-El is the biological son of scientist Jor-El and his wife Lara Lor-Van. He escaped the destruction of his home planet via rocket and sent to Earth. Found by the Kents, the young boy was raised as their son as Clark Joseph Kent and would go on to become a founding member of the Justice League as Superman. He is also the husband of fellow reporter Lois Lane and father to their son, Jonathan Samuel Kent, otherwise known as Superboy.
    • Kal-El (DCEU): The DCEU version of Kal-El was born on Krypton only hours prior to it's destruction, but also Krypton's first natural birth in decades, which by the time of the planet's demise was considered heresy. He grew up on Earth, raised by the Kents and learning about his powers throughout his life. He fought on the side of humanity against General Zod's attempt to terraform Earth into a New Krypton, sacrificed himself by stabbing Doomsday in the chest with a Kryptonite spear and was resurrected by the Genesis Chamber and a Mother Box by the Justice League, as well as becoming a full fledged founding member.
    • Kal-L (Earth-2) Much like his prime counterpart, Kal-L was born on Krypton and sent in a rocket to Earth, where he would grow up. He believed he was an advanced human, however would later discover his Kryptonian heritage. He too possesses superhuman powers like his prime counterpart, but they are somewhat lesser in strength and he is the biological cousin of Kara Zor-L, otherwise known as Power Girl.
    • Kal-Il (Earth-3): Only son of Jor-Il and Lara and only surviving member of Earth-3's Krypton. He is leader of the Crime Syndicate, husband of Superwoman and enemy of the Justice League, under the mantle of Ultraman.
    • Kal-L (Earth-10): Another version of Superman, who was sent to Earth from Krypton before it exploded. Unlike his original counterpart however, he crash landed in Europe during World War 2, where the Nazis found his ship, as well as him and he was raised by Adolf Hitler. As he got older, he became a champion of the Nazi regime, who used the technology of his ship to advance their own and dominate the world.
  • Jor-El: The late biological father of Kal-El, Jor-El is also the husband of Lara Lor-Van and one of Krypton's greatest scientists. He saw the impending doom of his world and sent his son Kal-El to Earth in order to save his life.
  • Lara Lor-Van: Wife of Jor-El and biological mother of Kal-El, Lara Lor-Van aided her husband in their son's salvation. She died alongside her husband when their planet exploded.
  • Kara Zor-El: Daughter of Alura In-Ze and Zor-El, Kara Zor-El is the first cousin of Kal-El and known to Earth as Supergirl.
    • Kara Zor-L (Earth-2): A version of Kara Zor-El from another world, Kara Zor-L or Power Girl is the only known surviving member of both Earth-2's Krypton and Earth-2 itself. She goes by the name of Karen Starr on Earth, as well as the mantles of Supergirl and Power Girl.
    • Kara Zor-L (Earth-10): A clone of Kal-L of Earth-10, a world where the Nazis have won World War 2 and have dominated all other nations. Kara was known as Overgirl and considered by her genetic template as his cousin, however died.
  • Krypto: The House of El family dog, Krypto survived the destruction of Krypton and lives on Earth. Like Superman, he too possesses powers and abilities identical to those of his master.
  • Streaky: A cat with a rather unorthodox history. The original version of Streaky was a male cat exposed to the effects of X-Kryptonite, giving him various similar abilities to those of Kryptonian nature. Prime Earth version gives us a female version, with similar abilities to that of a Kryptonian as well. This version also has a love-hate relationship with Krypto.
  • Dru-Zod: Once a great military leader, Dru-Zod attempted to stage a coup of his people in order to save them. This resulted in him and his followers to be placed in the phantom zone, where they were able to survive the destruction of Krypton. In the universe of Prime Earth, General Zod was once a member of the Suicide Squad, but managed to escape and free his wife and son from the Phantom Zone. He currently resides as king of New Krypton, which was once known as Jekuul. There, the inhabitants worship him and his family as gods.
  • Ursa: One of Zod's followers, Ursa is also his wife and the mother of their son Lor-Zod. In Prime Earth, she resides on Jekuul with her husband as queen of New Krypton and is worshipped by the natives as a goddess.
  • Non: Once a great Kryptonian scientist alongside Jor-El, he refused to be silenced by the arrogant and ignorant Kryptonian council. This resulted in him being lobotomized on Krypton, leaving him a mute and a loyal officer of General Zod.
  • Faora Hu-Ul: A serial killer with a hatred of men, Faora was known to be associated with General Dru-Zod prior to Krypton's destruction. She would eventually be sentenced to life imprisonment in the Phantom Zone, however would find herself freed, as well as an enemy of Kal-El.
  • Alura In-Ze: Wife of Zor-El, Sister-In-Law to Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van, as well as mother of Kara Zor-El. Alura is also an inhabitant of the bottled city of Kandor alongside her husband.
  • Zor-El: Brother of Jor-El, Brother-In-Law to Lara Lor-Van, uncle to Kal-El, husband to Alura In-Ze and father to Kara Zor-El. Zor-El is also a survivor of Krypton within the bottled city of Kandor.
  • Lor-Zod: Biological son of Dru-Zod and Ursa, Lor-Zod is also the adopted son of Kal-El and Lois Lane of New Earth. In Prime Earth however, Lor is prince of New Krypton and worshipped alongside his father and mother as gods by the inhabitants of their world.


  • Jonathan Samuel Kent: The firstborn son of Kal-El and Lois Lane, Jonathan Samuel Kent is also the grandson of Lara Lor-Van and Jor-El, as well as Martha and Jonathan Kent. He is a hybrid of both human and Kryptonian heritage, under the mantle of Superboy.
  • Kon-El: A hybrid clone created from the DNA of both Kal-El and Lex Luthor by scientists from Cadmus Labs after the former's epic battle with Doomsday. After 15 failed clones, the 16th clone successfully survived and fully developed until he burst from his tube a fully developed 16 year old humanoid. He escaped from Cabmus Labs and made his way to Metropolis. Kon-El, also known as Connor Kent, is looked to by the Kal-El as a brother than a son. Like Jonathan Samuel Kent, Kon-El shares a hybrid physiology and goes under the mantle of Superboy.

Half-Qualified Kryptonians

  • Bizarro: Bizarro is a flawed superhuman life form created from genetic/magical experimentation funded by both Lex Luthor and other wealthy criminals with the intent of creating a being strong enough to stop Superman. He possesses all of Superman's abilities (albeit with a childish reverse sense of logic) which are independent of any source; though he possesses heat breath, freeze vision, and vacuum breath as apposed to heat vision, freeze breath, and vortex breath. He is nourished when exposed to green Kryptonite while yellow sunlight and blue Kryptonite have the same weakening affects on Bizarro as green Kryptonite has on Superman. Superman was able to imprison Bizarro in the Phantom Zone.
  • Cyborg Superman: Hank Henshaw was once a human astronaut, who was exposed to radiation during a mission aboard the shuttle Excalibur. Though him and his wife Terri were not initially affected, their other comrades didn't fare too well and ended their lives. Henshaw would later find his body diterierating at an alarming rate. He however was able to transfer his consciousness into a computer, where he briefly came back to his wife, who was so horrified at her husband's current state, that she too ended her life. Left in grief and anger, Hank diverted his attention to Superman, who he blamed for what happened aboard the shuttle. He was able to transfer his consciousness into the birthing matrix of Kal-El, where he managed to create a body similar to that of Superman, but with various cybernetics alongside organic tissue. He exhibits all of Superman's powers, with a few extra abilities as well, mostly through technology.
  • Ultraman: Clark Kent was a homicidal human megalomaniac with a troubled past who worked as an Italian-American astronaut. During a mission into space, Kent's ship suffered an engine malfunction which caused the ship to explode, killing Kent and destroying most of his body and vital organs. His corpse was found by an unknown alien race who took him in and subjected his remains to genetic and mystical experimentation which not only brought him back to life; it made him reborn and endowed him with flight, super strength and speed, heightened senses, accelerated healing, heat vision, and invulnerability. With his new powers he escaped his captors and made his way back to Earth where he founded the Crime Syndicate of America, becoming one of the most notorious meta-human criminals.
  • Nuclear Man: Nuclear Man was created from Superman's DNA taken from a sample of his hair and that of nuclear organic matter. The union of these two genes created Nuclear Man. Nuclear Man possesses all of Superman's powers as well as his own ability to create and manipulate nuclear energy and the ability to grow razor-sharp claws capable of piercing and infecting Superman's skin. Nuclear Man is vulnerable to Kryptonite and red sunlight, but he is also rendered weak and powerless if exposed to shadows for prolonged periods of time, separating him from yellow sunlight. Superman was able to imprison Nuclear Man in The Phantom Zone.
  • Supergirl: Lex Luthor, in his obsessive desire to kill Superman, yet again used his genius to create a superhuman life form to kill The Man of Steel. Unlike his first attempt with Bizarro, Luthor succeeded in creating a shapeless, gender-less Humanoid being which he called "The Matrix". The Matrix possessed superhuman strength, superhuman speed, superhuman hearing, healing factor, shapeshifting, flight, x-ray vision, and heat vision. Loyal to its creator and with no sense of right and wrong, The Matrix went on a crime spree killing hundreds in order to attract Superman so it could kill him. Superman managed to defeat The Matrix with moderate effort, forcing it to retreat back to Luthor. Luthor sent the Matrix to Smallville, Kansas in order to learn more about Superman's origins. During its stay, its was hit by a powerful beam of energy from an unknown source that was of such intensity that its invulnerability was only able to save the majority of its body mass. After the blast, it began to regenerate though its mind was mostly damaged and much of its memories were shattered. Superman went to investigate and found the newly regenerated Matrix standing whole in a cornfield. The Matrix sees Superman and begins to remember vague flashes from its past. Superman takes The Matrix to his childhood home The Kent Farm. During its stay, The Matrix begins to learn about Superman and his origins as well as about Human culture, particularly in women's fashion and beauty. Out of respect and affection for its savior The Matrix took on the feminine form of a young blonde girl with blue eyes. She began wearing Superman's shield and took on the name Supergirl.
  • The Eradicator: The Eradicator is a sentient super-weapon android with the powers of flight, superhuman strength, superhuman speed, invulnerability, heat vision, and energy manipulation. He was built by an unknown race with the intent of wiping out alien races on Krypton and altering the genetic structures of Kryptonians to prevent them from leaving the planet. He was unsuccessful and the Kryptonians managed to send him to the Phantom Zone.
  • Doomsday: A humanoid baby who lived in Krypton until a scientist named Berton killed and revived him countless times until the baby became a 10-foot tall monster that could cheat death. Most famous as the one who killed Superman.

List of Krypton survivors

Although not only Kal-EL is the only survivor of Krypton, there is more data than there are continuous survivors of Krypton, such as the people of Argo City (birthplace of Supergirl), however, the destruction of a supernova caused the destruction of the city ​​wandering for 25 years in space.

Next comes Kandor Bottle City, it was the first capital of Krypton, 3 years before the destruction of the planet, an invader known as Brainiac invaded Kandor, defeating Kandor's security, and took possession of the city, reducing the city to the collection of cities abducted by him, 28 years later, with the arrival of Brainiac on earth, when a positronic signal from one of his drones detected two surviving Kryptonians, Superman and Spergirl, Brainiac's defeat caused Superman to rescue Kandor and place inside the Fortress of Solitude, learning more about Kryptonian culture through by Kryptonians of Kandor.

The 25 criminal Kryptonians in the Phantom Zone, following the condemnation of General Dru-ZOD and his entire alliance before the end of Krypton, as well as Kandor and Argo City sent more criminals into the dimensional prison, created by Jor-EL.

The group terrorist of ZOD, the Black Zero, in his warship which deployed a nuclear bomb created by Jax-UR, which destroyed the scientific moon of Wegthor, the shock wave of the moon launched 28 crewmen into a dimensional wormhole, towards a system unknown yellow manor, a 3 thousand light years from Krypton, on the planet Rinoti, where the super powers of the soldiers created an invasion of the planet destroying the rinotian life, Amalak was the only survivor who heard the cry of justice from the survivors, he leave his planet to on his pirate mission of killing everyone on a space hunt, the last kryptonians on the paradisiacal planet of Telux, Karsta Wor-UL and his husband Ro-KUL with their son Ja-KUL,  Karsta was the penultimate survivor, escaped leaving his son Ja-KUL on the island, believing that he had died with her husband, heading towards earth, but the encounter with Superman, Supergirl and kandor,  capturing Amalak and leaving him trapped on the prison planet of Gmane, by the OA authorities.

With the help of the Green Lantern Arisia, who became friends, she finds her son Ja-KUL in Almerac alive and well, found on the island of Telux and raised by the priest of Almerac, the orange sun of Almerac leaves any Kryptonian with regular powers, Karsta joined his son in a monastery in the mountains of Almerac, Ja-KUL knew that there were surviving Kryptonians on the earth mentioned by his mother, but he didn't mind meeting them.

5 years later, a civil war in Almerac caused by the murderous warriors Gordanians, who owned kryptonite weapons, killed Karsta when he defended the monastery, Ja-KUL was in the service of royalty when he found his mother dead, and Ja-KUL return to planet Telux, buried his mother beside her father dead, Ro-KUL (killed by Amalak) on Telux Island.

After the new reign of Queen Maxima, who abducted Superman to Almerac, torturing Kal-EL as a way of surrendering the sovereignty of Maxima as a slave, Ja-KUL goes to meet Superman against Maxima's tyranny which is defeated, the meeting of Kal-EL and Ja-KUL was the only one among them, knowing of Karsta's death, Kal-EL return to earth.



  • According to Derrick J. Wyatt, the Omnitrix from the Ben 10 franchise can accept Kryptonian DNA.
  • Although they are from different universes, Atomix's Species can manipulate their natural radiation to mimic that of a Red Sun.[4]
  • The location of Krypton has always been a mystery, one account says that it was on the other side of Sol from Earth, others say it's in Arcturus, and some say it's in the Andromeda Galaxy, to put it short, we've got no clue where Krypton was.


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