"When facing Krootox I have three main weapons of choice. Autocannon, autocannon, or autocannon."
―Gunnery Corporal Vatis Jan, 76th Gathalamor Heavy Grenadiers fire support company

A Krootox is a large beast used in Tau and Kroot forces. They are a dead-end evolutionary path from Kroot.


A salutary example of Kroot dead-end evolution, the Krootox are massive brutes descended from those Kroot who consumed the flesh of especially muscular and barbaric beasts. These kindreds became locked into a downward spiral of evolution, losing their intelligence and with it their ability to forge their own genetic future. The result is a hugely muscled, oversized variant of Kroot physiology, its mind capable of little more than unreasoning brutality.


In the wilds on Pech they wander the forest floor in large clans feeding off the molds that cover the lower trunks of the Jagga Trees. They are short-tempered but essentially harmless.


Were it not for the fact that the Kroot have found a use for the Krootox, the line might have died out generations ago, but instead, they are a common sight in Carnivore Kindreds all over the Tau Empire and beyond. When domesticated it becomes attached to its masters to the extent that it will die to protect them.

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