General Information
Homeworld Kromon
Habitat Humid
Body Type Insectoid
Sapience Level Sapient
Behavior Capitalistic
Behind the Scenes
Universe Doctor Who
Created by Philip Martin

The Kromon are a sapient hive-based insectoid species native to the planet Kromon, located in the Divergent Universe.


The Kromon are an insectoid eusocial species and also possess a hive-mind controlled by the Queen and the royal caste. If the Queen is killed, the drones become paralyzed. They're native to a humid world and are highly dependent on water.

Interestingly, they have devised a method for converting members of other species into Kromon Queens and appear to favor this idea rather than make a Queen out of one of their own.


The Kromon home planet was a paradisiac watery world filled with mountains, trees, clouds and rivers. Unfortunately, an unknown alien race invaded their world and established a lucrative "company" for exploiting its resources to the point of rendering the world dried and uninhabitable. Over the next thousand years, the Kromon managed to overcome the aliens and steal their technology, but in the process, they also absorbed the "company"-based philosophy of their invaders.

As they moved to establish new bio-domes for themselves in the Eutermes zone of the planet Bortresoye, the Kromon behaved in the same way, exploiting the new planet's resources and subjugating the native Eutermesans and Oroogs. They also abducted an Eutermesan woman called L'da and genetically converted her into a Kromon to be made their new queen. When L'da's mate C'rizz went after her, she begged for him to kill her, which he reluctantly did. In response, the Kromon took another prisoner - a Human girl named Charley Pollard - and started up the genetic conversion on her. The Doctor managed to save Charley and reverse the process using an antidote provided by the Oroogs (who in turn got it from the Salanders). They also managed to cut off the water supply from the Kromon biospheres, causing the death of the oversensitive royal caste and thus rendering the regular drones mindless and motionless.


  • Big Finish Doctor Who audio stories - The Creed of the Kromon (2004)
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