The Kromaggs (also known pejoratively as "Maggs" and "Maggots" by humans), are a species of humanoid primates from Kromagg Prime.

Biology Edit

Kromaggs appear very similar to humans, though differently evolved. Their teeth are sharp and pointed and their skin is distorted and ridged with a dark pigment. They all appear to be bald or balding with no facial hair.

Kromaggs faces appear (to humans) bestial and inhuman. The name 'Kromagg' is similar to the term Cro-magnon, leading many viewers to believe that they descended from some prehistoric ancestor of modern man called 'Cro-magnon man'. However, this is an erroneous belief, due to the fact that 'Cro-Magnon man' actually is Homo sapiens, or modern man. Professor Arturo theorizes that the Kromaggs descended from another prehistoric hominid that drove human ancestors to extinction.

Psychic Edit

Some Kromaggs possess psychic abilities. Though they cannot read minds, some have the ability to project illusions and plant post-hypnotic suggestions into human minds. One episode had one Kromagg attempt to force data out of someone's minds by touch, similar to Star Trek's Vulcan "mind meld". Otherwise, the Kromaggs resort to interrogation, "mind probes" and torture to acquire information.

Almost all Kromaggs however, appear to have an illusion-casting ability which allows them to look Human.

Kromaggs have healing powers, whereby they can heal people with their minds. One person was healed from radiation poisoning through Kromagg healing techniques by a Humagg, showing that they teach it to their half-human soldiers as well. In the episode "Asylum", a human trained by the Kromaggs was able to heal Quinn with Kromagg healing powers. This suggests that the healing powers of the Kromaggs can also be taught to humans.

Kromaggs also have the ability to communicate telepathically to select subservient Humans, thus allowing some Kromaggs to avoid "lowering" themselves by speaking to humans directly.

It is however shown in the end of "Invasion" that the Kromagg can speak English, the excuse of not lowering themselves was merely a ploy put into place to cause the Sliders to trust "Mary".

Its been shown that Kromagg telepathic abilities can be taught to humans, not just their healing power: Jules Koenig, raised as Kaldereen by the Kromagg Kolitar, displayed Kromagg telepathic abilities while in the Slidecage, having been presumably taught them by Kolitar, however, Kolitar seemed surprised by the strength Jules displayed when he used the abilities to remove the Kromaggs post-hypnotic suggestion implanted in Rembrandt Brown.

History Edit

The Kromaggs were a species that originated from an alternate Earth called Kromagg Prime. They co-existed with the humans on that Earth until the humans drove the Kromagg out of their native dimension. To prevent them from re-entering, a Slide-Cage was put into place. In addition the Kromaggs were afflicted with a lingering after-effect of the weapon used to drive the Kromaggs from Kromagg Prime caused every Kromagg pregnancy to be fatal to the mother.

Exiled from Kromagg Prime, the Kromaggs put a stop to their tribal wars with each other, uniting under a government known as the Kromagg Dynasty. Through dimensional travelling technology, they set about building their empire, travelling from Earth to Earth and claiming most as their own under a brutal occupation. They do not conquer all worlds however, as one episode revealed that the Kromaggs performed a hit-and-run assault on an unsuspecting Earth by stealing its fuel reserves and leaving, forcing humans on that world to make do without automobiles and such.

Culture Edit

Originally a warring tribal society, the Kromaggs have become a technologically advanced and highly militaristic race bent on conquering all human-dominated Parallel Earths in preparation for an assault on the world they call Kromagg Prime. When the Kromaggs began dimensional travelling, they were shocked to see world after world dominated by Homo sapiens. They both hate and fear humans, considering them "vermin" and the enemy and have treated them accordingly. Kromaggs conquer most parallel earths they encounter and keep those humans they didn't kill for slave labour, breeding purposes, or as test subjects. They find the discovered humans ugly, though they prize human eyes as a delicacy to eat.

Little is known of their society. It appears to be highly militaristic, with no forgiveness for failure among its members. One episode had two Kromagg soldiers sentenced to death for letting the human protagonists escape through no fault of their own. Another episode had a former commander of the famed "12th Legion" being forced to command a prison world for losing a battle on "Kromagg Prime" he couldn't win.

Kromaggs appear to despise human sentimentality (such as pity) and are insulted when such feelings are directed toward them. They require no sentimentality when "breeding" amongst each other.

One episode made a passing reference to Kromagg "Houses"; presumably Kromaggs are also organized by Clans of similar kin.

Military Edit

According to the Kromaggs they have conquered more than 150 Earths they had subjugated, attesting to their military might. Their officers dress in grey uniforms similar to Wehrmacht uniforms, while their troops dress in black "SWAT"-type uniforms. Their pilots dress in flight suits. They are technologically advanced, with machines that can control gravity, create forcefields, hand-held energy weapons, genetic engineering and aircraft ("manta" ships) equipped with energy weapons and dimensional travel capabilities.

The Kromaggs energy weapons are not lasers, but in fact, particle beam weapons. If hit, a victim would be killed from the blast, but if hit in a nonfatal area, they would die from radiation poisoning.

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