Kroajids are a spider-like alien species dwelling in the Milky Way of the far future and a member race of the Galactic Cooperative. They primarily reside in simulated virtual paradises, and call themselves the Gatekeepers of Paradise for this reason.

Description Edit

Anatomy & Physiology Edit

A Kroajid resembles a wolf spider roughly the size of a human, averaging 90 kilograms (198 lbs). However, they have ten legs instead of eight.

Biochemistry Edit

Kroajid have a biochemistry similar to Earth life, using copper-based in their blood like many terrestrial invertebrates. However, they use threose nucleic acid (TNA) in place of DNA.

Diet Edit

Kroajid are omnivores, although the specifics are not known.

Reproduction & Life Cycle Edit

Kroajid reproduce sexually, although it is not known how many sexes they have. They live for around 1,100 years, although it is unclear if this is their natural lifespan or the result of life-extension technology.

Homeworld Edit

The Kroajid homeworld is the fourth planet orbiting the larger star of a binary system, which consists of an F-type star orbited by an M-type star at a distance of 21 AU. The planet has a radius of 8,500 kilometers and orbits at a distance of 225 million kilometers over the course of about 1.75 years. Its gravity, atmosphere, and temperature are much like those of Earth.

Kroajid society is highly hedonistic in nature. 98% of the population exists in virtual paradises hosted in Matrioshka brains. The other 2% remain in the physical world to maintain the paradises and to interact with other species, uploading themselves at the end of their thousand-year lives.

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