Krish Moor

Krish Moor is a secondary protagonist in the Starlight comics.

History Edit

Krish was a young twelve year old Tantalan boy that grew under the regime of the Broteans. When a member of the Brotean Royal Family got high on drugs and into a hovercar accident, his parents who were doctors tried to save his life only to fail after eighteen hours of surgery. Knowing that the Brotean Royal Family would not tale failure, Krish's family sought to assume new identities, but were caught by Admiral Pindar. He accused them of treason and executed Krish's family before his eyes. He allowed the boy to live, tossing him a few coins, telling him to learn how to beg as an orphan. Krish vowed to hunt Pindar down, and after seeing the statue of his hero Duke McQueen gained the inspiration to bring the old hero out of retirement on Earth.

Krish was trained by Duke on how to shoot after learning what PIndar did to his parents. In the final battle between the Broteans and the Tantalans, Krish wounded Pintar, who was about to kill Duke. Standing over the murderer of his parents and just as the Brotean mocked him tossed him a few coins and repeated the very same words he gave him, before blasting his head off.

When Krish returned Duke back to Earth, he contacted his hero's son. bringing them proof of Duke's adventures to Tantalus were real. To give Duke the recognition he deserved he made a scheme at the White House, parking it on its lawn as the media took pictures and video.

Sources Edit

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