The Krill are an alien species that appear in The Orville, a TV series by Seth Macfarlane.

Biology Edit

They are pale skinned humanoids, with somewhat reptilian scales. It is a myth that male reproductive parts are located on their jaws.

As a species that evolved in near-constant darkness, UV rays or other high light sources are deadly to The Krill, needing to wear armor head-to-toe in order to not die from sunburn in a earth-like envorinment. The use of spf 50 hardly has any impact on them.

As the show parodies Star Trek heavily, the look of the Krill bears some similarities to the Jem'Hadar from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and culturally, they have aspects of Klingon culture in that they are a warrior race and assured of their superiority, especially in combat.

Culture Edit

The Krill are somewhat unusual for an advanced civilization in that they are highly religious. Said religion views non Krill as being without souls. Their holy book is called the Ankana, and worship a deity called Avis who they believed created the Krill outside of all life. Though according to the Union, the Krill were once not so fanatical, before they left their homeworld. Upon encountering other species and realizing they were no longer the center of the universe, they built a facade of a superior species to justify their place in creation. 

Source Edit

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