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The Krill are a purple-skinned humanoid race who heavily utilize bio-organic technologies. They are searching for six synchronized planets, and are in a race with humanity for their discovery. They are responsible for the destruction of the Sleeping Flesh which once incubated inside of Earth as well as the release of the one incubating within the Forgotten Planet.


Krill females have two maturation phases; one for themselves and one for their parasites. While the Krill female herself will mature on her own over time, the parasite does not. Instead, the parasite can only mature through a response to romantic feelings. For instance, if a Krill female falls for a male (of any species), she will obtain a growth on her back that will burst if not taken care of. Often, she will faint, and then must enter clean water for the process to safely run its course. Once submerged, the growth will erupt, giving her glittering, golden wings. However, these wings are not kept by her, and it is instead customary for them to be transferred to the parasite of the one she adores.

Krill may sometimes be born as trioplets. These are similar to triplets, yet they function upon the same consciousness, making them in essence one being in three bodies. They are empaths, and are therefore sensitive to feelings. They may also be naturally able to float or hover, although this might have been a trait specifically utilized by the trioplets Folly, Lolly, and Sliss.

Bio Technology[]

The Krill use a number of bio-technologies in their war with the human race. These include but are certainly not limited to symbiotic armor (known as a Krill Parasite) and bio-organic ships. It is highly likely that their starbases are also bio-organic.

Krill Parasite & Krill Ships[]

"Parasite" is a misnomer, as krill Parasites are actually mutualistc symbiotes (both organisms benefit).

The Krill Parasite is a genetically-engineered organism that attaches itself to its user, enhancing the wearer's natural abilities such as speed and endurance. Each parasite is also the physical link to the various Krill ships, allowing transportation and control of said ships.

The Krill Ships are built in ratios of 100 ships to every 1 pilot. They are also biologically engineered, and are set about to patrol sky ways during investigations. While they can pilot on their own, they panic when they sense danger, and will summon the nearest pilot to them, allowing the pilot to control the ship's actions. An interesting note is that the stronger a pilot's parasite gets, the stronger the ships they enter become. Once a threat has been eliminated, the Krill Ship will automatically beam the pilot back down to where he was last situated and continue on its reconnaissance.


Krill Starbases are notable for actually being capable of landing on planets, not seen in many other sapient races' starbases. Each starbase is built differently, although whether this is a tactical strategy or a personal preference is not known. Krill High Command has ordered six starbases to be constructed and set into orbit above each of the synchronized worlds.

Notable Members[]


  • The Tyrannical Overlord of Krill High Command: Leader of the Krill forces. He orders the Krill to seek out the six synchronized planets to harvest a certain matter he wishes to utilize. In truth, he is searching for all of the Sleeping Flesh, and plans to fuse with the one on Krill.
  • Commander Bloss: Commander of Starbase 1, stationed above the Forest Planet. A fighter in his youth, he enjoys watching battles between other Krill now, and only takes bets. He is the lowest ranking commander in the entire Krill fleet.
  • Commander Zelly: Commander of Starbase 2, stationed above the Fire Planet. She is extremely strict and is entirely capable and willing to execute traitors. With a purported traitor amongst her ranks, she kills every last one of her crew members to "alleviate all doubt"; however, this turns out to be a cover story, and instead she killed them for High Command, who wants only themselves to know about the planets synchronizing. However, once she is sanctioned to be eliminated as well, she sides with Recker and Psyme to stop the Tyrannical Overlord.
  • Commander Nomak: Commander of Starbase 3, stationed above the Ice Planet. Unlike your typical Krill, his symbiotic armor is a triclops. He wears a pair of Krill Boots, allowing him to run at breakneck speeds as well as crush ice and snow underfoot.
  • Professor Zart: The head scientist aboard Starbase 4, also known as Zart Laboratories, stationed above the Sand Planet. He is also the science adviser to the Tyrannical Overlord and takes the place of a starbase commander. He was advised to move his starbase above the Sand Planet once the coordinates for the fourth synchronized world was decoded. Commander Zart was thought to have been killed by Blune in order to obtain the virus he had been preparing, but in fact had defected to the Earth, taking the virus with him. His defection cost him dearly, however, and he was killed by Tierney, who he chose to serve under.
  • Commander Ammer: Eventually Ammer replaces Zelly as the commander of Starbase 2, with a compliment of new, red parasite-wearing crewmen. He states that this is due to the fact that Starbases are rotated from time to time, although in actuality he is serving to erase all of the Tyrannical Overlord's footprints. He acts like a fairly pleasant Krill, despite his obvious ugliness. He and his crew are quickly murdered by the Human Ian Recker while saving Commander Zelly from the detention block. His parasite is capable of opening up to fire several psionic shots.

Other Notable Characters[]

  • Psyme: Team leader of Starbase 1 and eventually the partner of a human named Ian Recker. Ironically enough, she was the pilot of the ship that killed all of Recker's squadmates, while it was Recker himself who brought her down. After she is demoted because of this incident, she hides her feelings behind a gruff exterior. She has a crush on Recker.
  • Blune: Team leader of Starbase 2. Incredibly untrusting of humans, until he is saved by one during an encounter with a half-mile long worm deep inside the Fire Planet. Likely because of this, he defects to Earth to help them fight against the Krill, but chooses to fight against the Human who had saved him, thinking that it was the right thing to do. In the end, he perished when Recker shot down his ship as he was transporting the virus to Tierney.
  • Ek: Right hand of Commander Nomak. He seems to be have some form of friendly relationship with Blune, as it is Ek who Blune tries to contact to get transferred off Starbase 2. He may be a Krill medic. Ek is eventually killed after a Human fleet attack by Psyme.
  • Folly, Lolly, & Sliss: Trioplets and far younger sisters to Psyme, they by far outrank her. They each also have a crush on Recker, and help him locate the Iot on the Forgotten Planet.