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The Kriken are a race of imperialistic creatures, hated and feared by many. The Kriken control the Kriken Empire, which exists outside of the Galactic Federation's jurisdiction. Because of this, they are free to invade and enslave other worlds and add to their already formidable empire as they see fit.



A Kriken

It is safe to say that the Kriken body is nothing short of odd. Their limbs are extremely thin and insectoid, and they appear to have no "hand" appendages save one long, pointed claw on each arm. The Kriken's most peculiar attribute, however, is the apparent lack of a neck. The head seems to simply float above the rest of the body, raising the question of exactly how the creature's brain communicates with the rest of the body. In addition, Krikens seem to lack a mouth, yet are able to make verbal noises. How this is possible, and how they eat for that matter, are unknown.

Culture and society[]

Political standing[]

The Kriken are known as a cruel race of imperialistic creatures. They prefer to simply invade and assimilate other planets into their empire rather than dealing with anything in a peaceful manner. As far as is known, they have no real allies, instead enslaving other worlds for their own means.

Rite of passage[]

Once a Kriken comes of age, they are forced into exile from their home planet. They are then required to travel space, searching for possible planets that are ripe for invasion.

Military technology[]

Stealth cloaking[]

A common piece of the Kriken arsenal is stealth cloaking. This technology, quite simply, allows the user to become invisible when standing still. The exact mechanism with which this is achieved is unknown, but it is assumed to be primitive by galactic standards, seeing as the only reason the user would need to remain still is because the device in unable to bend light fast enough to effectively mask a moving user. Trace can only become invisible, however, with the imperialist, their affinity weapon while standing still.


The Triskelion is an example of sophisticated Kriken military biotechnology. This allows a Kriken user to transform into a small, three-legged, spider-like form. Rather than truly changing any part of the user's body, it seems that it rearranges the body parts into an alternative form. The Triskelion also possesses stealth cloaking.


The Imperialist is a long-range quantum cascade laser designed for accuracy, and is more easily referred to as an energy sniper rifle. It fires a long beam of red energy, hitting its target with incredible consistency.


Alimbic message[]

When the Krikens received the telepathic message from the Alimbic Cluster, that "The secret to ultimate power lies in the Alimbic Cluster", the Empire sent Trace, a youth undergoing his rite of passage ritual, to find the so-called "secret".


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