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General Information
Homeworld Unknown
Body Type Crustacean
Behind the Scenes
Universe Alien Racers

The Kragnans, are a race of fierce crab-like creatures.

Biology Edit

The Kragnans are crustaceans with three tails, four pincer legs, and two claws. They have an upper torso and a three prong tongue that can spew bio-electricity. They have the ability to absorb knowledge by consuming a victim's brain.

Breeds Edit

  • Claw Trooper- Were tan colored Kragnans, and formed the main force of military of the Kragnan Empire before their destruction at the Xeno Energy purge.
  • New Breed: After the near extinction of the Kragnan Claw Troopers by the Xeno Energy purge throughout the universe, a new breed of Kragnan commandos have emerged to replace them. with the ability of camouflage and even duplicate the coloring of another Kragnan.
  • Queen: A purge colored armored breed with horns. The political leaders and breeders of the species.

Culture and society Edit

A warrior race that have a society similar to terran ants. They travel in space ships made of lava and land vehicles made of bones, have enslaved or eaten half of the universe.

Notes Edit

  • They are somewhat similar to the Zerg from the Starcraft series, just as how the Zenterrans are reminiscent of the Protoss.
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