Krace is a Nodulian prisoner who escaped from SAR TOP to Earth along with 217 other inmates during an engineered prison break - created by the Vardian known as Zin. After been captured by the government, he and Cole formed a temporary alliance to escape their captors.


In his life before prison, Krace was a courier and transported all kinds of goods - some very dangerous. It's assumed some of this transportation was illegal due to his incarceration on SAR TOP. On Earth, he began working again as a courier - this time working for Zin. As his body adapted, he - like Sirez - suffered breathing problems and needed an asthma spray. During one of his rounds, however, Cole/Daggon located and pursued him. During the pursuit and to the surprise of both Cole and Krace, Krace was ambushed by several armed men and government officials before been tranquilized and loaded into the back of a van. Cole, meanwhile, escaped using his hyper-time ability.


Krace restrained and tortured.

Taken to a military base, Krace was restrained and subjected to torture by Dr. Ross Connolly - the torture been exposure to heat of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which proved painful to Krace but would be just uncomfortable for a human - as he tried to extract information from Krace. During the torture session, Dr. Connolly reveals the government knows about the wormhole/energy burst that brought the prisoners to Earth as well as knowing about Krace when he left his job and his family some time back. At the Watchfire, Cole managed to track down the military base using Earth's satellites before sneaking in. However, he is spotted and the alarm is raised - with Cole been captured and subjected to the same treatment as Krace. In his cell, Krace manages to rejuvenate himself by breaking the water pipe on the ceiling and getting a drink before managing to escape his cell.

The attempted heat torture Dr. Connelly uses is shown to have the opposite effect on Cole due to his Cirronian biology, making him stronger. His attempt to break free fails, though, as Dr. Connelly uses a fire extinguisher on him before another scientist blasts him with a nitrogen spray. However, this seemingly kills

Krace with the object - an experimental hyper-time simulator.

Cole with their attempts to revive him using defibrillators apparently been non-responsive. Thinking Cole to be dead, the scientists prepare to begin an autopsy on him - only for the heat of the bright light to revive him and allow him another attempt at escape using his hyper-time ability before blowing the power supply. Searching for Krace, he finds only the empty cell before the power comes back on and his is brought down by another blast of the nitrogen spray. Krace, meanwhile, seeing Cole been taken away to a cold cell and realizing he will need Cole's help to escape, spits out a small, silver-colored object he had hidden in his body and that he was transporting.

Using the device, which turns out to be an experimental hyper-time simulator that Zin had created, Krace manages to spring Cole free from his cell. When Cole asks why Krace is helping him, Krace replies at the moment it is them or their captors - adding that Cole helped him while Zin would have just let him die.

Krace helps Cole escape while in hyper-time.

Learning from Krace that their captors have got a database on both of them, Cole gets in contact with Mel and gives her instructions to transmit a virus into the computers in the base to wipe the data and make the system inoperable. After hiding from some soldiers, Mel reports that the virus has transmitted, with all the computers files been deleted - Cole and Krace tying up Dr. Connelly before sneaking outside, but the hyper-time simulator malfunctions and cuts out. With the alarms sounding again, the pair are forced to run - only for Krace to be hit by gunfire from a guard who noticed them. Knocking out the guard, Cole tries to carry Krace to safety, but Krace's human body begins to 'shut down'. Declaring he'd rather live on SAR TOP than die on Earth, Cole accepts this and - after thanking Krace for helping him escape and telling him to think of the most beautiful place he knows - takes his life force before escaping the base.


Cole saves Krace by taking his life force.

At the Watchfire the next day, Mel is putting up a metal triangle she found along with her Grandmother's belongings (including her diary). Talking to Cole, he asks her why humanity wanted to hurt him and Krace instead of talking - revealing some people know about him. Mel, however, remains sure that with the files erased, they will be fine. At the base, Dr. Connelly gives a report to his superior (General Hampton) about what happened the previous night. When the General is alone, however, he shreds the report and rings up about reassigning Dr. Connelly to a research center in the Arctic. Speaking on a cell phone, he then speaks to Zin - declaring he has 'taken care of his problem' - with Zin replying he will be paying a substantial amount of money into the General's account. Krace's human body - Wes Tarber - was taken by the complex and would later become the host form for the Vardian called Remel - the brother of fellow criminal Rhee.


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