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Kraaho are a species of hot-blooded tungsten-based aliens who currently live on Earth.



Kraaho are muscular pink-skinned humanoids as tall as Humans with big white eyebrows and pink hair.

Half-blooded Kraaho seem more Human in appearance, but retain the purple skin.

Powers and abilities[]

Kraaho possess elasticity, as they are able to stretch their limbs to incredible distances. They are also shown to be agile and to possess incredible strength.

Kraaho are highly heat resistant and are capable of interacting with objects hot enough to melt concrete.

Half-blooded Kraaho have a higher tolerance to low temperatures. According to Ester, Earth temperatures are only "nippy" to them.

Whenever cold, a half-blooded Kraaho can turn a small amount of water into snowflakes with their breath. It is possible that pure-blooded Kraaho can do this as well.


The Kraaho are from an immensely hot planet. Due to this, Earth is frigid to them even at temperatures of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degree Celsius). Tap or regular temperature like Earth's water is freezing to them like frigid water. The reason they are so vulnerable to cold temperature is due to their tungsten-based physiology.

Culture and society[]

When in cold weather, they dress in eskimo-like clothing and search for somewhere "warm". Kraaho must fight for leadership against their current tribe's chief and following their command. Both males and females can participate in this challenge.



  • The Omnitrix's Kraaho representative is named Elast-Elk.[1]
  • The Kraaho appear to be based on Eskimo/Native Americans due to living in tribes headed by leaders, wearing fur coats, and having tattoo-like markings.


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