Alien Species
20101126210241!Korven Lomax

A Korven with extra supplies.

The Korven were a species of cold-loving, ogre-like humanoids.

The Korven were green-skinned humanoids with large, wing-like ears, two horns on their heads and four horns on their chin. They were adapted to cold temperatures. The colour of their eyes seemed to change continually. They were usually dark grey, but could change to light grey or red. Each eye could be a different colour. The Korven who came to 2050 from 2618 had wrist-mounted devices capable of draining minds. Using a process called Leeching, it could extract the thoughts of an individual, leaving only an empty shell. During this process the Korven focused all their will on the victim, leaving them oblivious to outside forces. The wrist device also could stop people from speaking for ten minutes and shoot energy beams. The Korven could create immobilizing force fields, as well as causing levitation. It also brought a supply of phosphane gas.