The Kornaliens are a species of carrion eaters and member of the Intergalactic Confederation in Infinity 8 Universe.

Biology Edit

The Kornaliens are species of bipedal light-green creatures. Supported by a reptilian tail, and gills at the sides of their neck. A Kornalien face is mostly flat however its mouth expands to reveal a molluscan mouth. They are capable of surviving in a vacuum. The Kornaliens are carrion eater, consumption of a corpse induces a effect similar to alcohol to humans.

Culture Edit

The Kornaliens are a race of scavengers. In Kornalien culture. a large stomach on a male is prized by females: a sign not only of his gluttony, it also testifies to his ability to generously feed his family.

Appearances Edit

  • Infinity 8 Issue 001 (2016)
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