General Information
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Doorman Universe

The Koalmanac is a hybridized creature from The Doorman Comic Series.

Physiology Edit

The creatures resembles a terrestrial koala, save that it has antennas. This marsupial was created by the scientists at Zookepedia to be a living database genetically encoded with the most proprietary information in the universe. The Koalmanac is able to talk fluently though it mostly speaks out random trivia and facts depending on what it hears.

History Edit

In order to take down the corrupt businessman, Carlisle Moongale, Joe the Janitor of the Custodians had Detective Flower and Henry Clay Waters steal the Koalmanac from the Zookepedia to create a DNA clone of Moongale so they could hack all his information. After retrieving the creature, Joe was able to create the benevolent clone, Carlisle Junior. However Moongale's lackey the Publicist tracked them using the tracker in the Koalmanac ending with Joe's death and the remaining heroes bringing the Koalmanac with them in their escape.

When Moongale was about to escape justice, leaving the dead clone to fake his death, the Koalmanac miraculously appeared to bite Carlisle's leg causing him to fall into the spinning path of his escape copter, tearing him to shreds. The Koalmanac was later transferred to the Door Crime Special Task Force under the leadership of newly promoted Commander Flower as a pet.

Sources Edit

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  • The Doorman 005
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