Knarlocs are the smaller relatives of the Great Knarloc (and thus presumably an evolutionary dead-end of the Kroot) native to the world Pech, that are often trained by the Kroot as riding beasts.


They are smaller in size than the Great Knarloc, and are in many ways very similar in appearance to the Kroot. The term Knarloc actually covers a wide variety of creatures, all exhibiting similar characteristicsand habits. Some, for example, are broad and muscular and lack the clawed forearms that others display, while some are tall and lean. All of these varieties are highly prized by the Kroot.


Unlike the solitary Great Knarloc they work more as a team. In the wild jungles of Pech, Knarlocs are formidable carnivorous predators using ambush and long distance pursuit techniques to run their prey into the ground. They work together in groups of up to ten, including their young, and have developed a significantly greater brain to body ratio, allowing them to attack any size of prey native to their world.


The Kroot are known to capture and raise Knarloc young to form elite mounted units. They mainly make use of their razor claws, sharp beaks and powerful leg muscles to rip apart their prey. The Kroot riding them carry Kroot Rifles to fire from advantageous positions that the Knarloc can deliver the Kroot to. It is also seen as a social statement to be riding a Knarloc.

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