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The Klyntar, better known as the Symbiotes, are a sapient species of amorphous neural parasites which must genetically bond to other organisms in order to survive and evolve.


Symbiotes are inorganic, amorphous, and multicellular symbiotic parasites formed from Knull's "Living Abyss" after he had experimented with his abilities. The Symbiotes function as living extradimensional tesseracts, requiring living hosts to anchor them to the fabric of space and time. They feed on organs including (but likely not limited to) brains and spleens due to requiring the chemical phenethylamine in order to stay both healthy and sane. This chemical is found abundantly in chocolate and Human brain tissue. Because of these limited choice, the host would either be forced buy or steal large amounts of chocolate or become an unwilling cannibal that devours the brains of its kills.

Unfortunately for other species involved, with each new offspring created their species evolves, not only increasing the strengths but also reducing their sensitivity to weaknesses. In inclusion to this is that already existing Symbiotes may one day mutate and develop resistances or even immunities to weaknesses that they formerly were subject to. Luckily, however, immunity to weaknesses seems to be extremely rare. Hybrids also exist as well, such as Anti-Venom, who was accidentally created by a combination of Venom's codex, Eddie Brock's white blood cells, and Mister Negative's mystical energies. They can be genetically modified into a mindless state, enabling the hosts to fully control Symbiote powers without the negative effects that can be inflicted on themselves. In certain circumstances, however, genetic manipulation can cause a Symbiote to outgrow the needs of a host and become immune to high frequency sounds. Despite this, they still retain many of their other weaknesses.

Symbiotes share the far and in between varied ability to physically spawn their own race without need of a partner. Their species reproduce asexually, budding off suddenly into a second Symbiote when they have consumed enough "nutrition". However, a Symbiote will immediately forget its offspring since they naturally will have nothing to do with one another from that point forward. Ordinarily, Symbiotes give birth once in their lifetime though some exceptions apply, as Venom has given birth to Carnage, Scream, Phage, Agony, Riot, and Lasher. Unusually, Symbiotes can impregnate an offspring of another species into a female host of the same race. For example, Anne Weying gave birth to a son named Dylan after being impregnated by the Venom symbiote during her time as She-Venom. This was because the piece of Eddie Brock's codex that was left inside Anne by Venom was absorbed by the fetus that would become Dylan.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Symbiote Physiology: Symbiotes possess a number of abilities, plus some they gain later in life.
    • Power Enhancement: If bonded to a person already possessing powers of their own, their abilities are greatly enhanced. They do, however, feed on their adrenaline to the point where they far exceed that of normal members of the host's species. They also can enhance the physical attributes of their hosts, including their strength, speed, stamina and even durability.
    • Possession: Symbiotes can control the actions of their attached host to a certain point.
    • Regeneration: Symbiotes typically allow their hosts to heal at a much faster rate than they would normally. So broken limbs or parts of the body that would take months to heal, would be healed within a matter of seconds. They also can keep any diseases that their hosts are suffering from at bay. Such diseases even include cancer.
    • Shapeshifting: Symbiotes are able to easily able to change their bodies to fit the host's needs at the time. This includes armor, clothing, tools and even weaponry. They can even generate and simulate the effects of webbing, allowing them to swing from place to place, as well as entrap foes.
    • Digital Immersion: Some symbiotes, such as Venom and Carnage, are able to enter the internet on a "molecular level". This gives them the ability to travel through ethernet cables.
    • Genetic Memory: Symbiotes are able to learn knowledge through touch and a limited psychic ability. This allows them to remember everything they experienced, as well as learn from their previous hosts.
    • Symbiote Assimilation: Symbiotes are able to bolster their own powers, by taking other symbiotes into itself.
    • Telepathy: Symbiotes are able to communicate with each other and their hosts through both psionic and biochemical means.


As powerful as Symbiotes are, they are not invincible. Specific things are able to easily harm them.

  • Sonics: Symbiotes are extremely vulnerable to specific high-frequencies. Things like loud music at a concert and even MRIs are enough to weaken them. Constant exposure to such noise is enough to separate both the alien and its host. Constant exposure to such a weakness however, has made some a bit more tolerant than others.
  • Heat: Aside from sound, Symbiotes are also vulnerable to specific temperatures, particularly those in extreme heat. If exposed to enough heat, it's likely the alien and its host will also be separated, however, overtime, they will likely grow a tolerance to it.
  • Psychological Corruption: Symbiotes are extremely susceptible to the emotions their hosts possess. Particularly those negative in nature, such as rage and hatred.
  • Anti-Venom: Symbiotes are heavily susceptible to the caustic touch of the Anti-Venom symbiote.
  • Explosion Vulnerability: Symbiotes can be exploded to death by types of explosive nuclear weapons, such as pumpkin bombs.

Culture and society[]


Symbiotes are a naturally violent species, giving way to murderous urges on a regular basis. This causes both the Symbiotes themselves and whichever hosts they may be bonded to be considered extremely deadly adversaries to contend with. This bloodlust seems to delve into the physical need as well, as the symbiotes will sometimes feed upon their hosts to sate their lust.

Notable members[]


Easily one of the most recognizable, Venom has been all around the Marvel Universe. He is the 998th symbiote of his line and has had a number of hosts, both alien and human. Such hosts include Peter Parker, Mac Gargan and even Tel-Kar, however it's most well known host is that of disgraced journalist, Edward Charles Allan "Eddie" Brock, as well as his son, Dylan. Brock himself, initially looked to exact his vengeance upon the symbiote's former host, Spider-Man, as he was responsible for his name to be tarnished. This would later change however, as Eddie moved from New York and became more of an anti-hero, even allying himself with a number of other heroes at times, including that of Spider-Man himself. He would later be known for having killed Knull, the symbiote god and took his place as "The King in Black".

During his time prior to his ascension however, Venom had sired several offspring, including the likes of Scream, Riot, Agony and even Carnage.


After Venom returned to Eddie Brock, the symbiote also left a piece of itself behind. Eddie Brock had been in prison since his defeat at the hands of Spider-Man, but was placed in a cell with psychotic serial killer, Cletus Kasady. Venom however, found Brock and re-bonded to him, but left a sliver of itself behind, as it reproduced asexually. The sliver ended up entering Kasady's body, via small cut on his hand, which entangled with his blood. This created a whole knew symbiote, which Cletus dubbed "Carnage". He would then use this symbiote to go on a killing spree, as well as taking on the likes of both Spider-Man and his "father", Venom single handed.


One of Carnage's siblings and offspring of Venom, Scream was one of five symbiotes that were "born", following the Life Foundation's capture of Venom. She was to be apart of a new superhuman police force and was bonded to Donna Diego, a schizophrenic mercenary. Donna attempted to use test her powers and attacked a mall in San Francisco, where she encountered Spider-Man, who was looking for Eddie Brock. She was believed to have been killed by Eddie Brock, along with her siblings, but survived, however she would lose Donna, eventually bonding to Andi Benton. Benton would then kill Scream with her use of hellfire, which led her into a depression.


After Scream's death, Dr. Steven was able to harvest samples of it from it's host Andi Benton, who was arrested. After attempts to resuscitate the alien failed, Steven spliced the DNA of what remained of the alien with that of the Anti-Venom Serum, taken from that of Flash Thompson's symbiote. It was then given to a mortally-wounded Benton, dubbing herself Silence. She possesses many of Scream's abilities, plus those of Anti-Venom as well.










Typically whenever there's Venom, there's always an Anti-Venom. The story of Anti-Venom varies, however the most notable account comes in the form of Eddie Brock, who decided to keep himself away from the Venom symbiote and went for regular treatments for his cancer. He worked at F.E.A.S.T. in New York, run by Martin Li, who was secretly Mister Negative. Li used his powers in an attempt to cure Eddie's cancer, however, in the process, Li's powers were accidentally infused with the symbiote traces, which then fused to his white blood cells. This would manifest into the creature known as "Anti-Venom". The creature was able to cure Eddie of his cancer and demonstrated a number of abilities his genetic template didn't possess. This also included curing the impurities and diseases of any it came in contact with, but also became extremely caustic to symbiotes when touching them. By the time of the Spider-Virus incident, the symbiote was destroyed when it was used as a cure.






Forged from his firstborn symbiote and the energies of the Celestial known as Knowhere, the symbiote god Knull, would wield this weapons since its creation at the dawn of time. It possesses the ability to corrupt all who wield it, particularly to advance its own agenda, that being the destruction of all gods. Aside from Knull, All-Black would find itself bonded to the alien that would become known as Gorr The God Butcher and find itself facing many, including the Asgardian Thor Odinson.


The Spider[]

  • an unnamed Protean Symbiote


The Klyntar were a peaceful species that has turned aggressive during a bonding process with a host who has a mutation or mental disorder. They dislike their evil counterparts and their leader the synoptic, so they should choose their host more carefully.




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