General Information
Homeworld Klunk
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Duck Dodgers

The Klunkins are a race of space barbarians from the planet Klunk.

Biology Edit

The Klunkin males are burly humanoids, with great manes of hairs and facial hair though have a bald spot at the center of the craniums. Females tend to wear their hairs in top and are slimmer. Both genders though have sharp teeth and pointed ears.

Background Edit

The Klunkins led by Krag the Klunkin attacked Galactic Protectorate space raiding their ships. Duck Dodgers and the Cadet were sent to spy on them and learned of their plans to launch an invasion on Earth. Cadet finding a piece of Moodnesium that turned him into a hulking confident warrior and single-handily destroyed their entire force. Then using a captured Klunkin ship he attacked their robot drones, wiping them out before heading to Klunkin homeworld where he personally challenged Krag. He was defeated and the Cadet was made their king, however just as he was crowned he lost the Moodesium returning him to normal. Now a softie he and Duck Dodgers were made into slaves working in the Klunkin mines.

Overtime the Klunkins became recurring antagonists to the main characters in Duck Dodgers.

Culture Edit

The Klunkins are a race of savage warriors outwardly resembling Vikings, though a few of them have a sense of etiquette. They respect brutally and hold it as a sign of greatness but despise weakness. They are known to eat kittens as appetizers.

Appearances Edit

  • Duck Dodgers: Episode 6: Pig of Action
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