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Homeworld: Kholdan

Known Empresses/Emperors: Ixitixl, Kikitik, Klaquan, Kaxal, K’kalak, Xantak, Ezixl, Virzixl, Kaviq, Qurtirqul

Racial Tendencies: Xenophobic Industrialists

Tech Specialties: Excellent Construction, Poor Propulsion

Klackon colonies were highly productive. This insectoid race could work in a very efficient manner to produce whatever the colony (or empire) needed. Xenophobic, somewhat expansionistic, and constantly building and producing, the Klackons made a formidable enemy. The Klackons preferred smaller ship designs. Their propulsion systems were rather poor, but their construction methods were outstanding. The Klackons disliked the Alkari, Darloks, Mrrshan, and Sakkra. They were more receptive to the Humans and Silicoids.

Life on Kholdan was the same for centuries. The inhabitants were all born to fulfill a certain role or to perform a specific task. There was no dissension among the Klackons, so rebellion and strife were nonexistent. This resulted in huge bonuses to their food and industrial production; these bonuses were further enhanced by their Unification government. Since there were no traitors, there was high security in their empire. They may have been living on a different planet in their system, because their homeworld was much larger than most; their original planet was normal-sized. Although Klackon society seemed flawless, there was one significant weakness: they had trouble conceiving new technological ideas. Klackon leaders cared only for their galactic "hive"; the were usually very xenophobic, and did not like dealing with most other alien races. However, the Klackons were favorable towards the Trilarians, and also liked the Silicoids. They did not like the Alkari, Mrrshan, and Sakkra races.