Biography Information
Homeworld Unknown
Species Moonflower
Gender Male
Body Type Humanoid
Hair Color Black
Occupation Garlandian (formerly)
Abilities Growing Treasure trees
Status Active
Behind the Scenes
Universe Hanazuki: Full of Treasures
Performed by Vargus Mason
Kiyoshi is one the characters in the web-series, Hanazuki: Full of Treasures. He is a Moonflower of a moon inhabited by Unicorns

History Edit

Kiyoshi is the Moonflower of Sleepy Unicorn's original moon until however, he lost control of his moon to the inhabiting unicorns. During a revolt, Noble Unicorn (later called Sleepy) became his only ally while Sleepy's bother, Twisted Unicorn had claimed that the revolt was done because he does not believe in the Moonflower's capability of protecting the moon since the Big Bad attacked. But later Sleepy states that Twisted had been against him all along. By the end the episode Hide and Seek, Twisted is defeated by rouge unicorn soldiers and Hanazuki takes Kiyoshi to her moon so she could help him learn to about growing coloured Treasure Trees. However, so after their arrival Twisted comes to the moon looking for Kiyoshi. But they manage to defeat him with the help of team work. After defeating Twisted, Hanazuki escorts Kiyoshi to his moon to help him gain leadership over the unicorns and soon he grows his first colourful Treasure Tree on his moon. Kiyoshi later revealed that he was once part a small group called the Garlandians along with both Kiazuki and Maroshi who protected other moons rather just their own from the Big Bad.

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