The kish are a humanoid species descended from the ancient, highly advanced kishalee. They are found solely on the former kishalee mining colony of Nejeor VI.


Anatomy Edit

Kish are tall, lean humanoids, with long limbs and digitigrade legs. Their faces are non-humanoid, with a third central eye, no nose, and a pair of mandibles. Their skin ranges in color from bright blue to gray. They are slightly different than their kishalee ancestors, although it is not certain in what ways.

Diet Edit

Kish are omnivores. Like most sentient species, they consume both plants and meat for food.

Reproduction and life cycle Edit

Kish have two sexes. These two sexes are difficult for outsiders to tell apart, but kish can easily tell the difference by looking at small differences in the shape of the central eye.

Culture and society Edit

The kish are a tribal people. They live in tribes led by either the strongest or wisest of their number. The means of power transfer varies by tribe, ranging from peaceful succession to physical or mental contests. On Nejeor VI, the majority of the kish have aggregated into a single tribe, hunting and gathering throughout the floating islands on which they live.

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