Alien Species

Kinrath were a species of large, non-sentient insectoids native to Dantooine and Kashyyyk, and possibly other planets.

Viper kinrath
Universe Star Wars
Homeworld Kashyyyk/Dantooine
Average Height ???
Diet Carnivorous
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Kinrath kotor

A Kinrath on Tatooine

They were normally a light yellow-brownish color, but other varieties were slightly differently colored. One other variety was the Viper Kinrath, which carried a deadly poison and was tougher than standard kinrath. Kinraths grew to their full size quickly, some hatchings seen had been nearly the size of adult kinraths. Kinrath seemed to be hive creatures, and a single female kinrath matriarch was the leader of a hive of kinrath.
Kinrath had four legs and a leg-like, poisonous appendage coming out of their faces that they used to attack things. All kinrath had very small eyes, but they were still blind. They could sense heat, however, and attack whatever they sensed. What stopped them from attacking each other were sweat glands that they had. Their sweat released a stench that only they could smell, and they did not attack things with the smell of their sweat. It was possible to remove the sweat glands from a kinrath to avoid being attacked by them when exploring areas infested with them.