The Kingfisher was the ruler of Brotea and head of the Brotean Royal Family.

History Edit

The Kingfisher led the invasion of Tantalus, swiftly conquering the planet. Many of Queen Attala's Royal Guards were killed, their swords taken to be used as chandelier pieces by the Kingfisher. A vain and sadistic person, the Kingfisher and his family abused their power over the Tantalans, killing for any slight infraction. The riches he stole from Tantalus were used to support the lifestyle of his debauch family and to acquire trivial toys such as telekinetic gloves, which he used to sadistically to crush rebels.

An arrogant and prideful person he built the Castle Without Doors, without any barriers of protection believing he had successfully cowed the Tantalans into servitude. When Duke McQueen returned, he wished to use McQueen's death as an example, to further demoralize Tantalus.

Kingfisher was killed, ironically by very swords he collected, after Duke weakened the ceiling forcing the tyrant to use his gloves to hold the swords backs, giving Duke a chance to shoot him and break the Kingfisher's concentration.

Sources Edit

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