King Kaliente
King Kaliente
Biography Information
True Identity King Kaliente
Homeworld Unknown
Species Octopus
Gender Male
Hair Color White (mustache)
Eye Color blue (Super Mario Galaxy)
red (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
Language Unknown
Occupation Ruler
Abilities Heat Resistance
Coconut Spit
Fire Spit
Super Reflexes
Affiliation Octoomba
Bowser Jr.
Behind the Scenes
Universe Super Mario Brothers Universe
Appearances Super Mario Galaxy (first appearance)
Super Mario Galaxy 2

King Kaliente is the ruler of of all Octoomba.


King Kaliente is a large, octopus-like alien with yellow skin, a white mustache, several tentacles with suckers and an antena on top of his head. He wears a red collar with a blue jewel and a gold crown with blue and pink jewels.

In Super Mario Galaxy 2, he has black skin and red eyes.


Super Mario GalaxyEdit

King Kaliente appeared on Good Egg Galaxy and battled Mario but got defeated. Later, King Kaliente appears again in Bowser Jr.'s Lava Reactor but is defeated by Mario, again.

Super Mario Galaxy 2Edit

King Kaliente appears in the level, King Kaliente's Spicy Return but Mario wins that battle again. King Kaliente also appears on Boss Blitz Galaxy, along with other villains that appeared in Super Mario Galaxy.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like other Octopuses, he can spit coconuts and fire at a long, straight distance. He can also survive extremely hot temparatures because he has been shown swimming in lava.


If King Kaliente's coconuts are hit, they will deflect, at him.

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