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Kinecelerans are a velociraptor-like species from the fast-rotating planet Kinet.



Kinecelerans are velociraptor-like aliens with blue skin, black pointed helmet-like heads, long tails, and what appear to be wheels on their feet, which enables them to travel quickly. Certain Kinecelerans are shown to have either black stripes on their tails and/or shark-like fins on their backs.

Kinecelerans can have visors or glasses on their "helmets". Rather than being mechanical, they are actually part of their biology.[1]

Powers and abilities

Kinecelerans are able to reach speeds of more than 500 mph (~ 804 km/h), the highest recorded feat being 888 mph (~ 1429 km/h). Technically speaking, they are physically faster than Skidmarx's Species[2] and Aerophibians when the latter are on the ground.[3] It is implied by Kevin Levin that they are also faster than Citrakayahs.

Kinecelerans possess enhanced strength, which can be amplified by attacking enemies at a rapid pace.

Kineceleran tails are prehensile, allowing them to grab objects whenever their usual hands are preoccupied.

Kinecelerans possess enhanced durability, being able to survive crashing through the ground. For Omni-Enhanced and Omni-Kix Kinecelerans, their natural durability is increased thanks to their respective armors.

Kinecelerans can create tornadoes powerful enough to lift up a To'kustar by generating a centripetal vacuum either by running in a circular pattern or by spinning at high speeds.

Kinecelerans can run so fast that time appears to completely halt to them. They also possess enhanced agility and reflexes.

In correlation with their tornado generation, Kinecelerans can create a water twister to surround enemies by running around a watery surface in a circular pattern.

Kinecelerans are completely frictionless,[4] meaning that their running speed is smooth.

Due to the alterations Kevin Levin has made to the Antitrix, Rush is more powerful (and most likely faster) than ordinary Kinecelerans. He can also achieve speeds that are sufficient to create after-images of himself, making it appear like he is in multiple locations at once.

Omni-Enhanced Kinecelerans can rev up their wheels to supercharge their plasma tails, allowing them to multiply and grow rapidly. These plasma tails can shock enemies and cut through solid steel.

Omni-Kix Kinecelerans can temporarily boost their speed by coating their bodies in green "Hypersonic" energy, allowing them to tunnel through the ground and dash into opponents with devastating force.


Kinecelerans cannot run on mud because it will leave them trapped in place. They are also unable to run on ice, which can cause them to slip and/or spin around.

Kinecelerans have a limit to their physical strength, as their backs can ache if they carry obese beings. Technically speaking, they are physically weaker than Citrakayahs.[5]

Kinecelerans have a clear limit to their reflexes, as they cannot dodge multiple obstacles at once.

If Kinecelerans run at approximately 888 miles per hour, the feat can cause them visual strain and fatigue.

Kinecelerans have sensitive hearing, meaning they can be knocked out by Sonorosians.

Kinecelerans can be held in place by either stepping on or attaching something as heavy as an anchor made of Petrosapien DNA to their tails.

Opponents with good reflexes and reaction time can counter a Kineceleran's speed and land a blow on them, including Chimera Sui Generi, Transylians, Tetramands, Vulpimancers, and Arburian Pelarotas.

Kinecelerans can be harmed by fire, such as a Pyronite's fireballs.

Kinecelerans can be easily overpowered by a Celestialsapien's telekinesis.

Culture and society

Kinecelerans enjoy sports, and have built large stadiums to this effect. One such sport is similar to the Human sport hockey, with energy pellets made from the planet's natural electrical storms.

A Kineceleran rite of passage is "The Running of the Gauntlet", in which a young Kineceleran must acquire the species' characteristic gliding wheels from the Kinet wilderness.

Kinecelerans are gangly and naturally awkward, living their lives in a constant rush. Kinecelerans are not the best fighters and most of them do not even have the disposition to stop and come up with a strategy.


A year after Ben Tennyson found the Omnitrix, a Kineceleran Diplomat was captured by Servantis and the Rooters and became the donor of Helen Wheels' alien DNA.

Kineceleran representatives came to Pyros to discuss with the Pyronites about the diplomacy while the younger members of both races played a heated game of fire balls.



  • The Omnitrix's Kinecleran representative is named XLR8, who first appeared in the original series episode "And Then They Were 10". XLR8 has appeared in almost every series except Alien Force.
    • The Ben Tennyson of Dimension 23 has an equivalent of XLR8 named Speedyquick, who first appeared in the Omniverse episode "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad Ben World Part 1".
    • The reboot version of Kevin 11 has a mutant hybrid equivalent of XLR8 named Rush, who first appeared in the episode "Introducing Kevin 11".
    • XLR8 has also been used by the "What-If" Gwen 10 (albeit off-screen), the original version of Ben 10,000, Ken 10, Ultimate Ben, and the Gweniverse Gwen 10.
  • Kinecelerans were conceived as replacement for a blue humanoid hero with speed powers named XLR8 once the crew for the original series decided to switch from superheroes to aliens.[6]
  • In the original series, XLR8 was stated to be the only Kineceleran active on Earth because the slow rotation of the planet would make other Kinecelerans sick after a few days.[7] This is retconned in Omniverse, as several Kinecelerans are shown to be residing in Undertown, a subterranean city located on Earth.
  • An Omni-Enhanced Kineceleran's wheels resemble pieces of Fulmini technology.
  • The ability for Omni-Kix Kinecelerans to drill underground might be a reference to the power up Sonic the Hedgehog gains by absorbing Yellow Wisps.
    • The similarities between these scenarios are because both of them involve users who possess enhanced speed being encoated with energy that lets them tunnel underground.


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