The Kimera are an alien species that features in Earth: Final Conflict.


At some point in their history, they built a large vessel that traveled the stars which served as a repository for their ancient knowledge. This vessel contained a powerful computer intelligence which guided a number of tests and obstacles that determined the worthiness of participants. If judged favourably, then the intelligence would gift them the knowledge of the Kimera race. However, the ship became damaged over the centuries and it's programming became corrupted resulting in the test's taking on a more life and death aspect rather than the peaceful non-threatening ones it had before. (Episode: Gauntlet)

Over millions of years ago, the Kimera race arrived on a world ruled by creatures that would later be known as the Atavus. By a joining with the species, they were capable of creating a new and entirely different species who claimed to be the genetic descendants of the Kimera. This species were known as the Taelons and to them much of their physiology such as the shaqarava were passed on. (Episode: The Joining) There were, however, another race born from the union namely the Jaridians. (Episode: Dimensions) The process supposedly saved the Taelon race who turned on the Kimera and destroyed them leaving only a single survivor known as Ha'Gel who was banished into space in an escape pod. (Episode: The Joining)

Succumbing to a biological imperative, the last of the Kimera mated with Siobhan Beckett whilst in the guise of Ronald Sandoval in order to impregnate her with a hybrid child that became known as Liam Kincaid. (Episode: The First of its Kind, Sleepers) Despite his supposed death, Ha'Gel once more manifested as an energy being before Liam Kincaid during the crisis where the Taelon mothership was frozen by an asteroid composed of dark matter. The Kimera told Liam that he had the power to expel the asteroid through his shaqarava but the act would deplete his Kimera energy thus turning him into a human being. (Episode: Dark Matter)

After the destruction of both the Taelons and the Jaridians, the original Atavus race was restored. During that time, the Atavus leader Howlyn attempted to find a way to dominate mankind on Earth. In order to dissuade him, Ra'jel recounted the experience of the Kimera Ha'Gel. (Episode: Art of War)


The Kimera can be described as s race of celestial antropologists who began studied numerous civilizations over thousands of centuries across various galaxies. Their philosophy was similar to most anthropologists in that they did not interfere with the development of any species. Furthermore, they were described as a peaceful race that deplored violence and war. As such, they did not build warships though their advanced technology sometimes made others believe that they possessed them. (Episode: Gauntlet)

Members of the species contained the memory of countless races that they had encountered. In the realm of the mind, they were capable of opening a doorway into dimensions beyond the material; one of which was called in their language Sumheria. On Earth, quantum physicists would have called it "the implicate order" where everyone and everything was part of an undivided energy. For other races, it was too much for their minds to grasp but for the Kimera and their offspring, it was something they were capable of transcending. Once there, it was an unbound dimension of pure consciousness where there was infinite knowledge. (Episode: Sleepers)

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