The Kiliks are an avianoid race native to the tropical planet of Unbroken Medley.

Avian massive 11

The Kilik species have bony plates on their face to protect them from attacks. Their species also has an extra sensory organ on their head.

The Kilik people are a communal species who built their communities into tight and robust cities for hundreds of thousands of years. This way of living in tight knit groups affected their economy where they would favor trading and shared access to items of value rather than sell or create a monetary driven economy. As their population began to boom along with their homeworld began to warm, overcrowding of settlements became more and more common. Even with their species natural inclination to social upliftment and care, many individuals were being lost before ever receiving any communal caretaking. This led to period of internal strife and angry protest in order to keep vulnerable individuals from falling through the cracks. Once this turbulent era ended and new more organized government came into form. Valuing each citizen the same, they established basic tenets to better share responsibility for all citizens to follow. They had also began share wealth and resources to make sure no Kilik is ever left behind again.

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