The Khommites are a race of humanoids native to the planet Khomm. The Khommites value total conformity to their own version of society, which shuns innovation and uniqueness. To this end, the Khommite people ensure that their society will remain unchanged by continually cloning themselves, the reason they clone is that they are genderless and have no sex organs at all. About 1,000 years before the Battle of Endor, the Khommites believed that they had reached a level of genetic perfection, and had achieved a level of cloning technology that surpassed that of the rest of the galaxy. Because there were no restrictions on cloning at the time, the Khommites were able to identify those individuals whose genetics were deemed to be the epitome of Khommite society and clone them. The Khommites believed that the cloned individuals of future generations would be immune to genetic mutation, and therefore remain faithful to the original Khommites. These individuals became the templates for all future generations of Khommites, who marked their subsequent generations with a simple numbering scheme. Thus, the eight-first generation of the individual known as Dorsk was simply called Dorsk 81. Additionally, the Khommites cloned their wildlife, to ensure that nothing ever changed on the surface of Khomm. In appearance, Khommites are tall, thin, hairless beings with large skulls. Their greenish skin is sometimes mottled with yellow.

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