Khizars, sometimes called lanternfolk, are a race of tribal, humanoid plants native to Castrovel.

Biology Edit

Anatomy Edit

Khizars are tall, skinny humanoids made of plant matter. Their arms reach all the way to the ground, and end in finger-like roots less dexterous than human fingers. They have two vestigial vines reaching from their backs, and their "heads" are actually seedpods consisting of a translucent membrane covering a glowing seed cluster, resembling a lantern. Their "skin" is in fact a layer of green cellulose. Khizars stand 6-7 feet tall and weigh 150-250 pounds.

Diet Edit

Khizars are scavengers, feeding off the flesh of dead animals. They likely also photosynthesize, as they respire carbon dioxide instead of oxygen.

Life cycle Edit

Khizars lack gender, and presumably reproduce via their seed pods. They are extremely long-lived, taking 60 years to reach adulthood and live for 500 to 800 years.

Senses Edit

"Sight" for khizars is limited to telling the difference between light and darkness. Instead, they navigate by sensing vibrations and by detecting living beings through undescribed means.

Culture and society Edit

Khizars live in small, tribal groups, mostly on the Castrovellian continent of Ukulam, where they evolved. Their total population is far smaller than those of the other races of Castrovel, probably due to their slow maturation process. They are highly protective of their local environments, sometimes to the point of violence, and some of them have traveled offworld to protect other environments as well. Khizar society is very egalitarian, and they maintain no class or status distinctions among themselves. They apply this attitude to other species as well; since they cannot see other creatures, they are more likely to judge other by their actions.

Notes Edit

  • Khizars first appeared in Starfinder Pact Worlds as a playable character race.
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