The Khil are an ancient race that joined the Old Republic millennia ago. They are humanoids characterized by their unique facial structure. Their large heads are hairless, and seem to lack jaws. Just below their noses is a mass of fleshy tendrils known as hullepi. These strands of flesh are among the most important organs in the Khil body, as they are used for eating, drinking, breathing, and communication. The hullepi are used to breathe the air of their home planet, Belnar. As a by-product of breathing, the hullepi strain microscopic proteins and moisture from the air. This serves as the Khil's food. Any waste products thus ingested are expelled by sneezing. They can also absorb liquids through the hullepi, preferring juices to supplement the airborne proteins they consume. By breathing through hullepi of various sizes, the Khil can also communicate, via a series of musical whistles and songs. A dedicated and driven race, the Khil have been members of the Old Republic for longer than anyone could remember. They spread throughout several colony worlds and systems after discovering the ability to travel through space. When Palpatine instituted the New Order, the Khil were outraged and appalled. They worked to support the Alliance in any way possible, with an eye for subtlety.
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