The Keylekid were an alien species from the planet Keylek that existed during the 30th Millennium.

Biology Edit

Keylekid were described as "dragons" by the human invaders. They were a reptilian race with an average size so large that one was large and strong as a Space Marine. Their hides were incredibly tough requiring three or four rounds from a bolt weapon to kill one. 

Background Edit

When the Luna Wolves invaded Keylek, the Keylekid did not meet the humans in open combat and assembled in their slaughterhouses expecting the invaders would honor their combat rules. However the Space Marines refused to honor the challenge, despite understanding the arrangement, simply massacred the Keylekid from the safety of their vessels rendering the species extinct.

Culture Edit

The Keylekid were semi-enlighten race, developing an advanced philosophy that detested war. To prevent war from spilling out into their society they restricted and regulated armed combat within slaughterhouses which were opened roofed structures several kilometers in area.

Appearances Edit

  • Horus Rising (Novel) by Dan Abnett (2016)
  •  A Thousand Sons (Novel) by Graham McNeill (2010)
  • Imperial Armour Volume Two (Second Edition) (2013)
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