The Ketrans were a race of small, winged aliens from the planet Ket in the Animorph Series.

Physiology Edit

The Ketrans were an avian race, possessing four wings, two arms, docking talons, and two pod-like feet. They had four eyes that range in colors (like pink, magenta, aqua, black, etc). Strangely their eye colours seem to represent the same colour as the home crystal to which the Ketran hail from.

History Edit

The Ketrans were a highly advanced race that dwelled in the homw crystals of Ket. Their first contact with alien life was with the Generationals and later the IIlamans.

The Ketrans were experiment with Z-Space transmissions and began to broadcast their Alien Civilziations matches out into space. After sending a probe out into space, it was destroyed by the Capasins. After several remote unsuccessful attempts to contact this new alien race was met with violence through the destruction of several of their probes, the Ketrans built their first Z-Space vessel. Its purpose was known to the public as a means for exploration however its true purpose was to seek out the Capasins.

However the project came too late when the Capasins came and laid waste to Ket. It was unknown at first to why the aliens were attacking, but it was soon discovered that the Ketrans games that were broadcasted throughout space were perceived as real by the Capasins, who had no concept of games, and believed that the Ketrans callously played with the lives of real species and needed to be stopped.

The last Ketrans escaped in the experimental spacecraft, and into space where they spent the next several decades searching for a planet to call their new home. The Ketrans eventually came to a moon covered almost entirely with water, which they believed could have been favourable for colonization however it was revealed to be the home of Father, a massive sea creature, that grabbed the Ketrans ship, dragging it into the water. The only Ketran to survive was Toomin who would later evolve into the god-like being Ellimist.

Culture Edit

Home Crystals Edit

Their planet Ket's surface was a volcanic world, however the Ketrans themselves, lived on giant crystal structures that floated above its surface.

Each Ketran was stationed at a particular location on each crystal, combined with the collective might of their wings, which numbered thousands it allowed the crystals to remain afloat, resting occasionally using the thermal winds and excess populace. Each crystal is similar to a city/state with specific customs and culture, acting as a home to several thousand Ketrans.

Society Edit

Ketran society is composed of many occupations related to the sciences: biologists, technicians, analysts, physicists, astronomers, and theoreticians.

Law Edit

The Five Laws were highly important laws to the Ketran race,

  • Fifth Law: Unknown
  • Fourth Law: Unknown
  • Third Law: Unknown
  • Second Law: Take no sentient life.
  • First Law: Lift for all.

Dance By Edit

Dance By is an event which involves Ketrans from two Seed Crystals greeting one another. These events usually last for only up to ten minutes or years.

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